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By Anonymous
velkhana doesn't drop it?
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By rougeric87
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No he doesn't, probably because Velkhana already has a MR rare drop.
By Anonymous
i got 4 from teostra investigation reward box, i think i've used my entire year luck there
By Anonymous
I'm convinced this item doesn't actually exist and i'm being trolled by the devs
By Anonymous
If you had an easy time with namielle then this is extremely easy to get because namielle does not have it’s own mantle
By Anonymous
not true the percentages are still the same
By Anonymous
I was able to get one from the Fatalis in the box
By Anonymous
I literally just got 3 in ONE investigation. It was a 2 Silver 3 Gold Investigation and I got 1 in silver and 2 in gold rewards LIKE WTF LOL yay full safi! :)