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By Anonymous
I used a Huge Hammer +9 and did like 1.1k damage with active attack power buffs. Struggled hard against him. Switched to my Zweihander +9 and did 2.3k damage each hit and killed him first try with the weapon switch.
By Anonymous
dammit fextra quit denying me! mido dies fairly easily to the 'throat's wide aoe especially if you charge it up with dark shout. just remember mido hates having sandy britches!!
By Anonymous
What if you do not have the Queens throat, but instead have the Harmonia blood code? Is it the same?
By Anonymous
It's hard to hear aizen in a video game boss fight
By Anonymous
DPS raced him to kill him.. get lucky with the stuns and all the damage bonuses, spam Ichor consumables to keep spamming damage abilities. Yakamo for more DPS