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By TheHourMan
He was the one aside frok Skull King that gave me the hardest time in my first playthrough.
By Anonymous
Jack and Yakumo would probably agree.
By Anonymous
Easily my least favourite in the game.
By Anonymous
Nearly all his attacks can be guarded, even those tracking balls. Just guard with the 100 guard great sword and face tank him.
By Anonymous
it is i: john evil villain. I am here to do evil things and kill EVERYONE because i am EVIL! HA HA HA HA! Did you hear that? thats my EVIL LAUGH. HA HA HA HA. Solid writing from the creators of code vein.
By Anonymous
Kneel before Nazeem. Kneel!
By Anonymous
He's actually a bit more interesting than that, he's a super unethical scientist (think 1940s Germany type) who experimented on orphans to create revenant soldiers to stop the queen. He however lost all of his research after the great collapse, and due to this he used himself as a vessel for his experiments, turning him from a weak bald scientist into this massive unit with a greatsword.
By Anonymous
Actually, he didn't lose all his research after the Great Collapse. The Great Collapse happened before the Revenants were created and in the first place, the Revenant research began to fight against the monsters that appeared during the Great Collapse. Also, he didn't use himself as a test subject for his experiment, he experimented on countless Revenants and Lost and then used the knowledge he gained from those experiments to power himself up.
By Anonymous
While not Shakespearean writing, if you actually watch the entire cutscene before his boss fight, you'll see his motivation for all his actions and it kinda makes sense in a weird, twisted way. I won't get into the details to avoid any spoilers. Still, he doez come off as a "mustache-twirling" type of villain. LOL.
By Varinto
What is with you people and this "John" crap? Do you think every single character in fiction was born in western English-speaking countries, even if they literally don't exist in their universe?
By Anonymous
Stacked stun passive buff + vaccine for phase 1, wearing the second highest inhibit-resisting Blood Viel, and applied the pre-emptive inhibit removal ability during phase 2 transition. This doesn't amount to jack. All he needs is a lucky hit or 2 and you will still suffer the Inhibit effect. Since there are scarce heal windows, this means your odds of applying a cure med are very low.
By Anonymous
Final Journey gets unproced when he causes you to be unable to use gifts. This means you can use it again to heal and extend the duration (not that you'll need to)
By onefastsled
That... might just make me consider using Final for once, considering I come from Souls I was a bit (useless) forgetful when it came to using them, and the idea of a 1 minto kill something kinda turned me off since I either go in guns blazing with Str based dmg or I cheese with Vemon.
By Anonymous
Do you get to the cloud district often? No, what am I saying? Of course you don't.
By Anonymous
F You, Nazeem.
By Anonymous
Zasalamel... Mido... Nazeem. 3 names, 1 evil...
By Anonymous
Also Johan Liebert...
By Anonymous
Nightmare on enhanced difficulty, dude one shots me with damn near everything in phase 2.
By Anonymous
Facts. This man is not fair in NG+
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