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“There is no second phase” The Void District would like a word with you.


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In addition, the line that they're weak to their respective elements is false. Neither really care about Fire or Ice, they do about the same. Lightning is where it's at. Tested with the three Queen Spells, and Rage of Perkunas consistently did the most damage of the three spells against them.



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idk what you been doing honestly. i went back and tested (this is the regular version found in the story, not the depths one) Bladebearer Sanguine Roar 5833 Blazing Roar 6416 Freezing Roar 3499 Plasma Roar 5833 Canonneer Sanguine Roar 4666 Blazing Roar 3499 Freezing Roar 6416 Plasma Roar 4666 so this line isnt false in any way. they do however have a shield that makes them temporarily immune to fire/ice damage, which for spells results in 0 damage taken (possibly an absorb shield, requires further testing)
I keep crashing whenever 2 bosses do attack at same time


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Did someone find a way around this issue? I've been trying to avoid have the bosses attack at the same time but that seems impossible
Game is 0 challenge with $hit amateur levels and then these 2 wannabes appear who you suddenly do no damage to. Great job devs, should have included playtesting/balance in the budget besides the character creation.
Game is character creation with level design, world, balance, challenge and everything else a distant 2nd.


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you deal a lot damage to them tbh... just pick the right stats and gifts... so many ppl here are just crying about senseless stuff
Jenovas Wrath - BS. Level 9 or 10 weapon, level 130. was 2-3 shotting depths bosses, this is suddenly 10-20x more resistant.
Get Canoneer first with Yakumo. Do not split up. Canoneer is easier because he's slower and your ally's target.
dude I can one shot the sword bearer at lv80, shut the ***** up casul these two so easy i beat the***** out of them at 70
^^ "I can one-shot the sword bearer at lvl 80" lol shut up *****. I'm not the OP but even I wanna punch you in the vagina rn
Orstein & Smought, again
With a light seasoning of throne watcher and defender.
More like Orntitty and Smoulder.
*****stein* and Smoulder you mean
damn, this boss give me PTSD on NG+. For some reason, BB keep ignore my AI partner and do the one-shot move on me, took me like almost 30+ tries to finally beat them.
Soloed these two with Artemis blood code. Focusing on the blade bearer and killing her first makes this fight much easier.
Ornstein and Smough except worse.
BB&C... HMMM...
If there is a Code Vein 2, I hope they learn from their mistakes and NEVER try this dual-boss***** ever again because they clearly dont know how to make a boss "tough but fair." It's not so much that it's hard, it's just horribly designed. And on NG+2, their damage output combined with their ridiculous HP is just atrocious. Hopefully they'll at least realize they have no clue what they're doing when it comes to boss design and let FromSoft help them out or something, idk. I dread this fight every single playthrough because I know I'm gonna get aggravated at how pathetically half-assed this fight really is.