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Pretty sure you also get the S&R Falcon if you don't tell her you know her secret.
Correct. I did this myself.
I got ***** all for turning and saying my lips are sealed. Cool buggy game.
I got the Falcon, ending the quest, but it did not trigger a completion in my quest log.... still shows "in progress"



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For me, the quest was bugged....i defeated the Delver Echo and spoke to the couple....then i went back to Cloud 9 and spoke to the officer....now she keeps asking to find the couple, but i've already found them -_-
Tell her you rescued them, get the falcon. THEN tell her you know her secret, ask for a price, you get the kingfisher.
Doesn't work
Has to be in the same conversation I guess. If you leave after telling her you rescue them, the "I know your dirty secret" dialog disappears.
i saved the couple, tol her i know her secret and asked for reward. She told me "take this, this is best thing i have" and i got nothing. No weapons at all. Quest is completed.
Same outcome here (i have update 4). Oh well...at least i the mission is completed LOL. Who needs those lame weapons anyways, im still ravaging with Jacknife PRO XD
Buggy *** game
I saved elderly couple first and than go to the officer. So I get all rewards, but quest still active...
This has been fixed as far as I can tell. I copied my save RIGHT before turning this in, and no matter what I do, I cannot get more than one weapon as a reward, regardless of which dialogue options I choose and what order. Whatever the last thing you say to her, that determines which reward you get, even if you select one, then the other in either order before exiting the chat sequence. You cannot get both in one playthrough.