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By Anonymous
Love this game, though it gets easier as it goes along. I had some trouble with Little Johnny, but one-shot HAROLD and Goddess Helena. You can take down Helena easily by practicing on the statues in Gideon Park - she's much the same. I zerged HAROLD.
By Anonymous
what kinda build are you running? theres no way you can one-shot them
By Anonymous
I believe by "one shot" they mean "beat the boss in one try" rather than one attack.
By Anonymous
I'd say Goddess Helene is even easier than the statues. Feel like she would have been tougher if they gave her the old statues moveset in addition to the new moveset. I beat her on my first try, and so did most everyone else according to the endgame global death statistics (she had like a 0.29 death rate, bummer for that one guy out there)
By Anonymous
Does anyone know where the third delva echo is? the archievements says it's three
By Anonymous
the 2nd and 3rd are in the same place, you just have to visit medbay in between fights
By Anonymous
Echo Alpha shows up twice
By Anonymous
its where the first delver echo was just before going to Jonah Guttenberg in the underground
By Anonymous
same location as the alpha, just have to re-enter the area
By Anonymous
The missed the beta delver and all gamma beta alpha delvers can be skipped
By Anonymous
Got a heavy duty called hot-n-heavy from the kraken dlc first boss. got it mark 17 with 694 dmg, I'm in NG+, 24 impact, 110% atk speed, +70 energy gain, 134% stamina consumption, 28 fire dmg. I went for a standard target right arm and sever. Don't think it's his hardmode weapon though. also for starts he is heavy and slow hitting and found him easy to parry. got a spear called Ungula Universalis from the second boss. Mark 18 with 894 dmg. 12 impact, 98%atk spd, 20 enrg, 87%stm.
By HellRazer1337
I just recently discovered a Delver Echo Beta in the Underground, while following Eli's Path to the C.I.T.
By Wmvv93
Encountered that one aswell. Function as first phase of the delver. Needed for achievement. Killing all 3 echos. Didn't get any special loot though.
By Anonymous
18 bosses
By Anonymous
So. You can make it to the Command place without fighting Eli & Johnny and likely the Captain. I *assume* you need to fight them to access areas you need afterwards.