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By Anonymous
There's no Regen activation factor in Town of sacrifice.
By Anonymous
Just ran around the map 5 times and yeah, nothing in town of sacrifice. What a waste of time.
By Anonymous
so is there more than 5 of them in nsingle run? will it be more on ng+
By Anonymous
6 in totel it seems and max of ten for number of times you can regenerate
By Anonymous
Found one in the government area center. Drops from the rematch with the Argent Wolf Berserker. Can be found at the end of a hallway hidden to the left of the final elevator.
By Anonymous
I can confirm.
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By Kalthramis
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While this page has been adjusted, readers be warned that some guides, possibly including the Fextralife one, were made pre-release and may not be accurate. Later patches and dlcs may also change item locations.
By Anonymous
At the end of my game I have 10 +6 regenerations. I search every corner extensively. I think I got then all. 10 total regens at a potency of +6. This can be increased or reduced with passives. The best one in my opinion is the one that gives -2 total regens but doubles the potency.
By Anonymous
10 seems to be the most the item can improve on you as in NG+ it does nothing
By Anonymous
there is one in city of falling flames, in one of those small box shaped corner, there is some white vine growing where you get it
By Anonymous
it is near the chest where you find "noble silver", to the side of a very narrow firery hallway (both sides of the hallway are normal wall, not flame wall)
By Anonymous
Theres 7 Regen Activation Factors so why does 7 of them only make you Regen +6 ?
Why doesnt it say Regen +7 ?