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Not specific enough. Had to look up videos for it because this guide is too vague with some of the description. For example early on it says to go up the caved path after getting fionn vestige c but going up would be going back the way we came and the rest of the description talking about the enemies also implies that we're going back the way we came. That's just once example, this seems to assume that i already know where to go but i'm looking at a guide so obviously i don't
I had no issues.
It can be hit or miss sometimes.
Can someone tell me how to gain access to the black winged door ypu can find in the ridge?


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its part of the story... just play further


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In this map there is an item deep in the cave or something ... I cant seem to get it
Not sure which of the caves you mean. I will assume it's the one early on. Teleport to the second mistle, with the waterfall, face the waterfall and go 90 degees to the left. There is a cave path downards that you can explore. On the fork clear the small ridge on the left, and on the right there is a path deep into caves.
These guides are so *****ing confusing
Yeah they really half-ass the fu*k out of them.
I have problems following guides yet I had no problem with this one.
Strugling hard with the brute executioner after the second miste at fionn vestige part D. Is there a trick to it that i dont see? Are there any gains by killing it without pushing it off the map?
Only thing that worked for me is venom/poison. Try that.