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The music lead up to, and during, this fight is amazing
You got the best mechanics i've ever seen, you got like 2 of the non-dodgeables. I always get multiple storm tornadoes and the front cone that can't be blocked



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For the tornadoes, you need to stand in the middle of the arena. There's a clear area in between all of the tornadoes.
And I don't know what you mean by front cone.
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Try switching class? Shoot her till she drops dead
Shifting hollow?
Is there a difference in fighting solo or is it because you stayed close, but you never got any of the annoying hands coming from the ground attacks.
I found those to be pretty useful. Once you get the timing down, it's two-three free hits every time those hands pop up.
that is the best move tho, is the only attack that don't ohko you plus you get free damage
Basically the bed of chaos of code vein
Wait what? All you need to do for BOC is to suicide run to one of the roots, slay it (and then die) respawn and do the same for the other ones (unless im mixing up bosses from DS1).
What? They are literally nothing alike. In any way, shape, or form. At all. There's no gimmick, no fire attacks, no giant claws, no collapsing floors, no slide, Eva isn't the size of a tree... how in the the hell did you even come to this conclusion?
The true boss of this fight is the hike from nearest mistle to the boss room. I dunno who think it's a good idea to force you to wait for elevator then do a long distance trek in a huge long straight pathway of nothing that as long as your whole stamina bar to get to her. The first boss I decided not to solo solely because it took 2 damn minutes just to fight her again.. I'm fed up with the trek on my 4th retry so I just dps race her with Yakumo cuz ***** it
Lol you must've never played Dark Souls. Btw, it helps once you get to the top on the elevator, step off the button, then step on it again and immediately roll/run out. That way when you go back from the mistle, the elevator is already waiting for you.
After you beat the boss when Eva is revived so to speak, when she is like talking to jack does anyone know the soundtrack that plays there?
The song she sings is "All of You."
Honestly, Crown of Sand is already an area of the game where I strongly question what Bandai was thinking with its design, I don't need a two-ish minute trek from the nearest mistle to the boss - which has only happened all of twice in the game at this point, and the first time was the first Cathedral boss, and every other time, there's been a mistle right friggin' there outside the boss arena - and I REALLY don't need a boss fight where the gimmick is, "dodge this you filthy casul." I mean, I got through it well enough, but it was an unnecessary pain in the *** for how late in the game the devs decided to start pulling that crap.