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By Anonymous
killing him does not give the hook back.
By Anonymous
Ah yes it does...
By Secretberzerker1
this is what happened to me: once you kill him, go back up: the hook will be there again for you to pick up
By Anonymous
You don't have to kill him to get it back. Just head back where you got the first one and there will be another one there
By Anonymous
He's at the party standing next to the brothers after***** hits the fan
By HellRazer1337
This guy rescued me after I was supposed to die to enemies, but only once. Did anyone else experience this?
By Anonymous
I had a strange scripted death during an encounter immediately after his room that triggered his spawn. I lost dodge functionality and HP dropped from ~80% to 0 in one instant (660 max hp/410 defense). Did this happen to anyone else?
By Anonymous
I didn't have any scripted deaths. I was jumping around later in the area and hit a kill zone on some white siding. He "rescued" me but I still had to run back for my tech scraps.