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should add that you dont fight this boss and instead the skull king is the final one if you have the "heirs" ending
wait what
If you do the "Heirs" ending aka the bad ending, This boss is never spawned, to do this ending simply walk out the door you can in
is the boss respawning endless or can I somehow kill him ? I still must go save silva


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Yes, it keep respawning and no i don't understand with saving silva. Once you kill it and finish the ending cimematic, just load your save file and go back to home base. There you will notice that you can interact with the door.
Getting the good ending automatically means Silva is alive and well, it's mentioned by I think Davis.
If you killed the boss and got the true ending, Silva is alive and fine. Davis mentions it when you get to talk to everyone before walking out the door at home base. The boss is just their to be able to get haze and replay the ending.
I hate how most of his attacks can not be blocked or dodged through.
while I was trying to find some helpful tips, I instead discovered that no one knows proper English. Reading this***** makes my eyes bleed.
Maybe you can help out by correcting them? Its a community work after all
Surprisingly everyone is not english. Crazy right? At least we re trying. Yourself should try to speak french and let me laugh at you.
If you are so smart, then why do you need to look for tips?
All the burns in this comment chain...
I dislike the arbitrary difficulty of this boss... "immune to status effects, takes insanely reduced damage from everywhere except the front, also highly resistant to elements". Like... what? Why? Why would you negate like 90% of what you give to us to use throughout the game? To make it "difficult"? That's not difficult, that's just being a c*nt. :/
Oh right and it has a "you will die" move because you can't outrun it. That isn't fun Bandai.
I mean Dark Souls did this for Dark Eater Midir, and a lot of bosses. You ever tried fighting Midir without punishing his face? And why shouldn't a final boss be difficult, arbitrary or otherwise? I'd have been more pissed if he was too easy. (I'm looking at you Dark Souls 2!)
at least midir was optional
Its the last boss dude. What are you expecting? -_-
Tbh I stand with op about this. Making a boss insanely resistant to everything isn't "Making it hard" , it's just being dumb. The boss itself is easy...disappointing for a final boss , even...it's just tanky . I was honestly hoping for more.
That resistances he has don't make him a harder boss. It just reduces the ways you can fight him, making him a boring boss. Once you realize that everything but physical damage is trash, you will probably kill him in a few tries. But yes, another example of a boss being out of 90% of the game mechanics.
Virgin is hard WAHHH
I felt much the same way. The boss wasn't hard, in that I went into the fight with no healing reserves and beat it first try. Its "rng" attack barely touches the edges of the arena, so turning your camera upwards and dodging when one points in your direction left me untouched in all three attempts of the attack. The only thing that could touch me was the standard "aoe ez attack" that more than half the bosses have because they can't get AI to work at faec-rape range, and that only worked once because of the massive tell. It felt like the reduced damage was more of a band-aid solution to poor boss design, and bosses in general seem to really lean on being tanky and just taking less damage in general with each phase. Not a lot of bosses were really satisfying to conquer.
Merciless reaper from assassin blood code, iron will and madness blow from berserk blood code, bridge to glory from eos, and foul blood barrier from atlas code can help big time.
Tried to fix some on the strategy writeup as well as add more tips, but better players than me should really expand on the strategy to fight this big boi, especially on how to avoid the gates of babylon that this boss likes to spam.
somehow a panic fast roll actually work for me almost everytime when this virgin gilgamesh wannabe used it... it seems to be harder to dodge if you right under him or too far from him too.


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you can avoid most of the purging thorns if you go behind him while he/she casts it... its actually pretty easy to avoid this damage
It's still pretty rng based, I've been hit even when behind the boss


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with a pure caster (dark) I could kill this by using the 1 ichor spell and sometimes the blood shot (2 ichor).


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with IO and always hitting to the face/front~
With a caster build, these sand spells work wonders against this boss.
... Surprisingly easy... It's like fighting any dragon in Dragon's Dogma... Good boss though!