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By NonExistent
this boss fight was more like just fighting a normal enemy lmao
By Anonymous
I think it is basically a lore fight. After all Io says she is not great in fighting, so iguess same is true for other attendants. And italso serves as a break before 2 of the last bosses. Even though honestly virgin born really dissapointed me, especially after skull king
By Anonymous
>Io says she's not great at fighting

>Shreds every single enemy effortlessly lmao
By Anonymous
It felt like I was hurting Io in this fight. I didn't like that.
By Anonymous
Ugh, don't be weird.
By Anonymous
Too late.
By Anonymous
Feels bad for fighting her, you can literally stagger her will spells.
By Anonymous
Yeah, she staggers to almost anything. I just spammed my great sword and she kept staggering, couldn't even fight back.
By Corrodias
If it's any consolation, she's the one that frenzied after her successor's death, and the lost cannot be turned to ash, only disabled temporarily, which is why enemies respawn and Io occasionally says something like, "I hope a short nap does you some good." after defeating one. Therefore, you didn't actually kill her. :v
By Anonymous
I took my attendant, Io, and made her fight this boss. I just stood there and watched lol. Of course, my attendant won.
By Anonymous
Because Io is the best Attendant
By Anonymous
Mist noble we meet again
By Anonymous
Hey, Fextralife! Where is the umbrella? Can you tell? Are you sure? Umbrella, motherfиckers, do you find it? Every time when I just want to read something on your wiki there's this stиpid umbrella/truck quest. I hate you.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
missed opportunity. Some story buildup or a cutscene can help immensely. You are fighting an attendant which isn't suppose to happen(it's like fighting the firekeeper in dark souls). It's something special but it ended up just there, being an easy fight with nothing substantial
By Anonymous
It's literally explained multiple times, that the attendants are defending the successors. This is probably the one that went frenzy, just like we learned from one of the memories. Learn to listen ****head
By Anonymous
haha what he said
By Anonymous
If you bring IO,This fight is funny. It's like seeing Naruto fighting his clone lmao.
By Anonymous
Because I am terrible in finding paths, when i came to her I had 324 HP. I destroyed half of her health but then she hits me and because I didnt wanna die( my only mistle was the one at the entrance) i killed her her spamming blood shot. Sorry for my english.