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You don't need to restore Io's vestiges for Dweller in the Dark - it's optional. If you don't restore her vestiges you get the normal Dweller Ending. If you do there is the small Bonus Scene at the end. In Order to unlock Determiner of Fate you have to see both (four playthroughs required)
Are you sure they dont count if you do it at the same time?
I just confirmed this myself as I was reading this. You have to get the best ending with and without all Eos vestiges. That's rough.
its only 3 if you skip restoring 1 Eos and kill final boss > reload and restore it then kill it again.
Not quite tho, you can fight the final boss without restore Io's vestiges for the 3rd ending, after that just load that save again and restore her vestiges then go fight the final boss again for the 4th ending (only need 3 playthroughs)
This is the most bullcrap achievment that can be. 1 additional black screen with 1 word voice line shouldn't count for achievment and certainly not require 4th playthrough if you didn't know that.
My first Ending was To Eternity and I during my gameplay I didnt restore any of the Successor's Memories except for the first one, Aurora
Same here, so the conditions for Eternity written here are incorrect. It should read "At least ONE"
Alright people. You can run through the game saving all the successors, but don't grab Eos vestiges ("or view them"). Beat the game and watch the cut scenes. You should get the "Dweller" ending w/o the reqs for Io's memories. Now load your file and grab the Eos vestiges and view them. Go slap The Virgin again. This should give you both of the Dweller endings w/o having to run through the game again. Also for the Queen bloodcode,you have to have done Io's memories.


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Ooof. Wish I knew this before getting Dweller In The Dark. Now I will have to go through game one more time D:
Does the both just respawn?
I recieved the Hades blood code from the "To Eternity" ending, not "Dweller in the Dark" which were my 1st and 3rd playthroughs respectively.


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yeah some ppl already said that you get BOTH codes from the good ending....
By getting the true ending version of the Dweller in the Dark you’ll unlock both at ones, that’s how I did it.
I didnt get any blood codes after the final boss? Is there something I'm missing? I did the "true" ending. Restored all successors and restored ios memories
^ That's impossible. You get both codes after beating the last boss if you have restored all successors (them being alive).
Anyone else have an issue with queen blood code not popping after getting Dweller ending?
Queen slayer blood code obtained after you beat the queen in protagonist memory area
I'm having the same issue. I didn't get for the Dweller ending either.
I’ll explain this simply, gather every single vestige in the game Mac you will get the Queen code guaranteed or there’s a bug preventing you.
I have all 3 endings, for the 4th I didn't collect ios vestige and saved all of the successors, it is till not unlocking for me. Am I missing something???
save all successors but don't restore Io's
Kind of an odd question, but since there are already some incorrect posts above (in the article) I was wondering, for the sake of "time saving" can I do every single EOS vestige *EXCEPT* for the very last one given by the very last Attendant at the very last door in the game? AKA every vestige in the game except for hers? - - Then beat the game and then just watch that *ONE* vestige? - - Seems a little odd that you can't obtain/view "ANY" of them to get the 2nd best ending. - - What would be the point of gathering them all then? - - Just don't want to fudge myself out of having to run the game again. I "accidently" got the perfect ending on my first try without a guide; so it's 4 playthroughs for me (Platinum)
Okay so the guide is a bit misleading. You don't HAVE to restore all of Io's vestiges to get the Dweller in the Dark ending, you just have to restore the memories of each Successor. If you DO restore all her vestiges, you get a very, very, VERY minor extra bit at the very end of the ending, which is just your character saying Io's name after the screen fades to black. That's it. The different endings are just tied to the successors, whether you saved all of them, saved none of them, or saved only some of them. So, you do have to do at least 3 playthroughs, though i can confirm that if you don't increase the difficulty you can speed through most of it, especially using some of the builds on the site.
Think that the normal "Dweller" ending is either bugged, or un-achievable on a NG+ run. Ran through the entire game, saved the successors, did not pick up any Eos vestiges (apart from the one that's forced on you) and still got the normal dweller in the dark ending.
no you did it wrong, read again. saved all successors = true end, eos thingy is just additional scene
So I played through my third time in the game (to get the true end and ps4 trophies) I saved all successors and restored all Io's memories but I didnt get the queen blood code, the dweller ending and I'm stuck at home base..? Please Help
Just walk through the door
to get the queen blood code you just need to get the true ending, if it doesn't give it to you, try going ng+
You don’t have to do new game you can just refight the boss after you’ve seen the memories. I for got one because it was a depth locked behind one of the nip quest. I cleared it afterwards and refoght the boss and got the queen blood code.