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After you defeat the boss and you start seeing the memory, just before you exit it trough the door you can hear a scream and if you look behind, you can see a giant face hiding behind his hand smiling, with orange glowing eye. Still havent beaten the game yet, so dunno who he is, maybe its Mido, but who knows, decided to post this here cuz couldnt find any vids with ppl checking the sound :)
Noticed this on my first playthrough, just happened to hear it and looked behind me to see it
Same, felt like a jumpscare
i wonder what else i've missed, i had music blasted at full volume during 85% of my playthrough
I saw it as I left. Apparently you can see it in the beginning of the memory from above. I have to say, it's the creepiest thing I've seen in this game. LMFAO
Also, someone put it on YouTube now.
YouTube link, sort of. Can't share full links here. "Pg93kbSWlJQ" Also, it probably is Mido.
It is probably Mido. Pg93kbSWlJQ
I hear you can see the face staring at you from above in the beginning of the memory. I saw it at the end, and I heard the scream. Also, someone shows it in a video on YouTube. I have to say, it's the creepiest thing I've seen in this game. LMAO
That boss is what I always wanted in any soulsgame. A lightning fast boss that just doesnt stop attacking you and that makes the fight so fast-paced you must dodge on prediction rather than reaction.
Honestly, it didn't seem to feel too different from some of the fights before...slightly harder, but that's it.
tbh this is more BB's speed then souls, souls may have some faster bosses, but it was only in BB we started to see the hyper aggressive lighting fast bosses, if your used to BB the aggression is predictable and a joke to deal with, if not... Good Luck
Lol um, no. Souls had tough but fair. This game is mostly the same, but certain bosses like this one, feel like friggin Shao Khan on the Arcade version of MK3. Translation: he's far too cheap to be anything close to fun.
You can dodge his aoe pretty easily, got it after I learned this.
After defeating him and you enter the memory you can immediately look up and see a face with a hand covering more than half of it with a smile as well as at the end before you walk through the doors after they've opened look behind you
Saw the face as I left... Gotta say, it's the creepiest thing I've seen in this game. LMFAO.
The eye is just trembling as it stares at you.
this fight is absolutely brutal on NG+. poisoning him seems to help.
Poison is removed when he buffs, though (at least the build up, haven´t managed to poison him yet), and he can´t be poisened while he´s buffed.
The companion AI is really the absolutely *****ing worse when it comes to this bossfight. My follower keeps CONSTANTLY running into the AoE attacks and manages to die within the first berserk stage... Every single time... And I am left to solo the boss after.


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This guy needs a constant slow debuff up his bottom.
This boss is ridiculous in ng+ enhanced xD loving the difficulty but he just doesnt stop moving xD
Im about to go into ng++ Wish me luck
About to enter ng ++
quitting the game here at ng+, just sucked the fun right out of the game
Get gud
You suck
wow what a loser git gud scrub
Has nothing to do with gitting gud with this boss. They *****ed up big time when they scaled him up to NG+. wasnt hard on NG but once you skrubs get the balls to go to enhanced difficulty, you'll just how poorly designed this boss really is.