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By Anonymous
the main issue is this made me not want to play ng+ to go through this place again
By Anonymous
Honestly, this area is great. The level design is so bad, it becomes comically hilarious. I had the biggest, most stupid grin on my face running through this absolute mess, while the poor AI companion hopelessly tried to deal with the enemy spam I was running through. If the game wasn't fun to play however, I don't thing this joke would have landed.
By Anonymous
agreed 100%...luckily the game is awesome
By Anonymous
Anor Londo called and said they're suing for architectural copyright infringement. Lol
By Anonymous
If Code Vein was an anime and the Cathedral section was Season 2, the characters would spend all 30 episodes of the season getting through it.
By Anonymous
Imagine Anor Londo but if it was a cluster f**k of a maze, that's this entire area in a nutshell so if you've ever wondered what it's like to have a brain aneurysm... this section of the game should help :)
By Anonymous
Took me 2 hours to get to the memories of the player, and another hour getting to the successor. Hopefully the rest of the game isn't as much of a maze.
By Anonymous
It was not as bad the second time around, but I still got lost for an hour. Boss was fun though
By Anonymous
It's decent guid for me. But some parts are not clear enough. if you skip it a little bit, you might lose.
Once, before I got the ornate key, I miss some words and go down to the trail of blood (I tired for over 10 times and couldn't beat it.)
I dropped down and boom trail started. I retraced from the start and found the way to the rest part.

In some part the guide will guide you roundabout, before go to the mistles
to get important items/vistages.

I advice you to skim reading the guide. It will be safer and save time.

PS.I think defeat ribcage is around 50% of the story.Congrat all player that
endure to this point. (For me get over 30 hours to this point. It is hard for
casual gamer like me, but I always finish my games)
By Anonymous
I hate that I love this area, and I hate this area with a loving passion.
By Anonymous
same lol
By Finalfaw
I don't know who wrote this walkthrough, but it relies heavily on a "if you know what I mean" style of description, To much vague "go back the way you came" or "retrace your steps to that bit you were at earlier" No offense to the person who did so, I'm sure they were trying, the levels aren't exactly teeming with landmarks, but it's still not very good.
By Anonymous
Lost here for 3 hours of running around in a circle. Three ****ing hours