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By Anonymous
genuinely this place is just mazes stacked on top of each other, once you figure it out it isnt so bad, but the first time through is hell
By Anonymous
just finished it, i was stuck in this BS for 2-3 hours, i hated it so much, i wanted just quit the game and never return
By Anonymous
I hate this area. Almost quit the game over this. Whoever designed this thinking it was "fun" or a "good idea" should be kicked in the junk.
By Anonymous
glad i'm not the only one absolutely hating this area.
By Anonymous
From what I've heard, EVERYONE hates this area.
By ShinigamiRyu
I've got a pretty big issue... After the bossfight with the Ribcage boss I've seen the cutscenes, but since I was playing with a friend waiting for his bossfight all that time I tried to help him as soon as I regained control, instead of going forward through the door... I've been unluckily defeated in his bossfight and I got back to my game at the mistle before the bossfight... Now I'm locked out of it with a mist blocking the way and effectively locking me out of the chance to procede with the story Anyone else had this problem? Any fix not including a full restart with another character?
By ZenEvadoni77
Don't know why you're being downvoted as this is a relevant comment. I myself ran into this bug since I was doing a blind run. I defeated the boss in question, thought I'd respond to a distress call right after the fight without going through the winged doors first. When I returned to my own game instead of being spawned inside the boss area where I responded to the call from, I got spawned at the previous mistle. Now there's a fog wall with an orange light past it in my way, and I can't interact with it or break it down or roll through it. Nothing.
By Anonymous
The game does this while loading/rendering graphics sometimes. Not sure if this is the case here. Try waiting a moment to see if it clears. Could be a bug though
By Anonymous
pathetic guide….
By Anonymous
and more pathetic dislikes...
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By TheOneOfSeven
Something wrong with the dislikes? They disagree with you which is obvious why they dislike your comment.
By Anonymous
Well, that just means more people disagree with you, deal with it.
By Anonymous
Also, if it bugs you so damn much, then make an account and edit it.
By Anonymous
OP is a pathetic baby...
By Anonymous
This is extremely poorly written.....
By Anonymous
Shhhh, don't say that or they downvote you
By Anonymous
Well, JenovasWrath has a point...
By Anonymous
I like that they put Anor Londo in this game
By Anonymous
SPOILER - Something you can do b4 fighting the boss its in a reply to this comment
By Anonymous
Just a heads up if you want a certain ending I suggest you finish restoring the Vestige then use it on the stone statue successor after the boss fight. Dunno if any1 else has mention this in comments but if you miss even one after each successor boss you will change the ending. So remember restore the vestige of that area b4 fighting the boss then use it to restore the stone statue. This is the first boss where you do this.
By Anonymous
Boss I was talking about is the Doggo boss not the miniboss berserker one.
By Anonymous
Well*****...the first 2 bosses i didnt do that...
By Anonymous
So if the doggo is still there after fight, is that means that i did it correctly ?
By Anonymous
PLEASE clarify what is meant by "the path where you found the tower". This whole area is 50% towers.
By Anonymous
Which tower?! There's towers everywhere!
By Anonymous
idiots writing guides… what do you expect?
By Anonymous
You can always add to it. Though, I agree, this guide does need some work...
By Anonymous
Tips: use that glowing mark item for checkpoint. This helps you from losing direction, and youll know which road you already have passed. I mapped the place with this method and the place is actually straight forward from mistle to mistle to berserker boss. Tha map is huge compare to maps before this, so be patient. And if you find it hard to fight the enemies on this map, i dont have any tip for that. The berserker boss is easier than those "teleports behind u nothing personnel kid" mobs. This section give me anor londo ptsd.. i cant blame u..
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By Fallenangel700
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Wow, that's actually a really good idea. The markers finally have a use for once!
By Anonymous
Best tip for fighting the teleporting knights is definitely to draw them out if there's more than one of 'em. Fighting two or more at once even with a partner can be difficult because of their gimmick, since with how AI behaves there's no telling who they'll target with their teleportation. Bait them out with a throwing knife or a bayonet shot, from there these knights are easy pickings if they're their all by their lonesome.