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The prometheus class is already pretty fun, from the trial I played!
Its only blood code most of people will keep equipped. I just were thinking that why giving so many blood codes when Prometheus is best (not Heimdal sry, you can put dex/str boost from Prometheus and get same stats as Heimdal(except fortitude which is useless + have A str) for Melee which can use almost any weapon buff and use plenty of casts with... well normal damage(of cuz its wont compare with caster builds but its ok). Only point to use Heimdal is quick dash which you mostly wont have if you dont have Revenant's Ambition which is a gift of Queen's Breath code.
Damn I wish there was more Information on The Harbinger BloodCode
It's not really special. It only has a single Gift which is ... not really good. A AOE Gift with ... not exactly impressive range that hits for very heavy damage ... and removes all your HP except one while also knocking you down in the animation. Not exactly something you want to use in a Soulslike game.



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Seeing as it's only gift is a "kill yourself button", there's not much to say about it.
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It's absolute cabbage mate. It's got a skill that's good for mostly trolling. you can make like a Voltorb and use SELF DESTRUCT
The fact that the damage CANNOT be scaled, means it's useless and other AoE abilities does a better job while costing less Ichor and has multiple use.
i play spears so what should i pick? i pick fighter but idk what is the next
Dark Hunter later on has a skill that boosts damage of Halberds, aside from that depends on what you really want from there. Most Halberds lean towards needing either DEX, STR, and/or other stats in some instances (ex. Assassin's Sickle).
You mean "Dark Knight".
Your missing scathach code, aka emily's blood code
And theres also more missing, Queens' claw and queens' breath There might be one more but i dont know.
Also the Scout Code is missing (it belongs to Naomi). I dunno how to get it, it must be somewhere in the depths though
Pay attention to the map's completion percentage, it will tell you if anything is missing.
It is in a depths map. Think a quest npc gives the map. It may take a bit to go through all thr maps to get the questlines up to date but you should get it if you habe done them all.
I think the area is calles Rusty Depths. Scout is somewhere in a corner on the ground. Just have to pick it up


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To Get all Blood Codes, you need two playthroughs, one with all memories returned to successors, and one with none at all: just go through the gate after defeating the bosses.
You also need to collect all the Eos vestiges on the playthrough where you restore the successors' memories


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All balance calculations that are written have been done with an unknown Blood Veil which is bloating the number while also causing it to be inaccurate. Revising to show Base Balance of the Blood Code instead.
i have all the codes listed here but dont have the achievement for all the codes, is there one missing from this list?


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Maybe there's a blood code for completing every archievement, or every ending?


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And remember, I think they mensioned that they'll release more blood codes in the future, maybe it's because of that?


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Early after release, someone posted Juzo Mido's blood code and it was removed from the list shortly after. It may be that one.
DLC blood codes shouldn't count though.