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I defeat the boss, but Nicola died in a video sequence before it and Mia is not in my base after. Bug or what happened?
Just keep making progress and beat the next boss, she needs time to recover.
Make sure the blood spring in the that giant demon with the axes boss room is done. Got her after that
She joins you when you get ready to go to the cathedral. Depending whether you clear the trench boss first or the stripper boss, this could be right away, or after you clear the next zone.
She likes fragrant tea if you want 5 trade points
Where is she? I already beat the boss. I couldn't find her anywhere after the cutscene. :x
Look around the base, she's there.
Best girl
We've found another pedophile...
N.S.A. saw that
Since there are no loli options, Mia has the best body type, yes.
She won't show up until you clear both the Howling Pit AND the Dried-up Trenches.
Yeah, basically before the Cathedral.
mia is for patricians only
How old is she? She can drink wine too?



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About 16 human years + unknown revenant years.

Murasame mentions that Mia looks to be about the same age as her, and in one of Murasame's memories she mentions that she is 16. (I'm assuming that's her age when she died as a human. The memory is from Operation Queenslayer, a time were many revenants were awakened and thrown into battle immediately, so I doubt she was a revenant for super long at that point.)
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She's stated to be 18 years
I don't know, it seems weird that only two tradables can give you 5 from Mia while others have more that do that. Ehh, oh well, that's how it is, I suppose.
So, for the record, I just got Mia's blood code right after reaching cathedral