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By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure this guy is Warren from The Surge
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He is warren, in the middle of his quest line he will take of his helmet, there is even an achievement for that
By ctrlshft
He keeps telling me on comms to come visit his hideout under the bridge, but he's not in the underground at the location. I think his quest might be bugged.
By ctrlshft
Answering my own question: still needs some testing, but I think because I entered A.I.D. Command, it moved the trigger, as you meet "the stranger" there, and they yell at you for not meeting them earlier. Basically, the moment you get the message to go meet them, do it, or you might miss your window to engage with the content as it was intended. Thankfully at least they wrote in dialogue and programmed for this possibility.
By Anonymous
you need EMP to open the door under the bridge to find him
By Anonymous
you need to kill the boss in A.I.D. Command before you can find him in his hideout. you might get the message before that if you backtracked
By Anonymous
I told him "i'm bad to the bone" because it sounded like sarcasm, while the line "I'm one of the good guys" sounded cringy, and he told me to ***** off and flew away, what an idiot
By Anonymous
He is warren. There's a scene where you can catch him singing the song that plays in the medical stations.
By Anonymous
yeah, if anyone played the surge at all they'd figure it out as soon as that damn song was heard lol. so glad they didn't put it in this game again
By Anonymous
I need a clip of him singing it
By Anonymous
This was really cool.
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By DJDutchgamer96
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in a piece of ingame dialogue he also said that it was his first day in CREO when the surge went of, along with that he has the Same Voice.
By Anonymous
Nothing bad happens if you say you are a bad guy right?
By Anonymous
I killed Warren, 1 Tech Scrap und no drops. Arm cut off.
By Anonymous
If you skip little Johnny and go to the AID comand directly he will be there, in the first room of hospital with with one scientist and one heavy AID, in the cell behind half broken glass. He asks you to get the drive instead. I must say that it was quite the suprise to me that you can kill delver BEFORE little Johnny, obtain slider, and learn that Athena is in the same bulding, without really fallowing narrative. Feels like a bug really.