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Nice game
No, it's not. It's D I C K 13's 3rd game and 3rd fail in a row. Stupid talentless german hacks.
This is a good game. Take it the guy spamming all the comments complaining about them being german.. Is more a minecraft Jeffrystar kind of guy Looking for a new lootcrate.
Im @ Gideons Rock atm. Loving the new systems. Parry Goddddd!!!
Get a life or at least a better game.
The child who spends all there time stalking videogame on a game they "disslike" says to "get a life"..."or a better game" .. Must be coming down from all the tide pods they ate. Great game dont listen to all the "parents regrets" trolling the comments
So Far it's been fun, however it is vastly easier than the first one. The new parry system has made bosses and enemies easy. I havent taken more than 3 tries on any boss. Just finished Delver and the first time I reached the 3rd phase in my 2nd try, I beat him.


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I wrote the original post, but also there is no need to upgrade weapons, since every part gives you a new weapon better than your last, the Gaia spear was really OP.


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Agreed, I felt like my hand was held for most of the early and late game a bit too tightly. I can see why they might've done that though, as many reviews chided The Surge for it's difficulty and obtuseness. Personally it just made me love it more and spend more time getting to know it. Delver was pretty easy for me to hardcore, but I think a part of that was because I stumbled into a very strong weapon in A.I.D Command by mistake... :)
0 thought went into this upgrade system.
Anyone know how to upgrade battery count?? I’m over halfway through the game, still at the base 3. I’ve been upgrading the battery efficiency, too.



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You need to increase the Energy at the Medbay. You can reach 4 Battery slots by spending 25 module points and 5 Battery slots by spending 75 module points.
you have to upgrade you power core
Does anyone know what those concrete looking things with orange in the middle are?


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in surge 2 pc is there a way to lock in the body part of the enemy