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By Anonymous
I just used the Big Titan hammer and smacked him around. Your hits will break his guard almost every time. Then the only part that was hard was the final one because you can't take too many hits from him.
By Anonymous
I just broke both arms and legs. I was unable to get the head and body but still got the v2.0
By Anonymous
complete cancer phase 2 is literal cancer
By Anonymous
I’m gonna have to call bull*****on breaking the body parts for the V2 because no matter how many times I hit the body it would not break!
By Anonymous
It's not entirely correct, as in phase 2 you can only destroy the arms, not the legs.
By Anonymous
For anyone having issues with the Delver at Gideon’s Rock, take note that this Delver is weak to poison. I had a lot of problems with this Delver, but once I switched my weapon to “Little Johnny’s Forceps V2.0” this boss was easy! Let the poison do the work for you!!!
By Anonymous
So many casuals saying those bosses are hard. after playing almost every souls-like out there I'm super disappointed by the surge 2, the first one had some mad difficulty whereas the second one feels like a child's play.
Do you remember getting 1hit all game long by the spider-bots? I do.
Do you remember black cerberus on your first playthrough where you went mental because you had to fight 4 P.A.X.?
I'm looking for challenge in those game because it is much more enjoyable once you overcome it. I legit don't understand so many people crying that it's too hard when it's not even half as hard as the first one.
Fun game for sure but meh difficulty and lame bosses overall. Back to Bloodborne and Sekiro I guess
By Anonymous
Lmao, you really need to get of your high horse. If you got one shot by spider bots and got frantic when having to fight 4 PAX bots, I honestly wonder how you ever managed to complete the first Surge. Actibg like some kind of Souls like god, get w life.
By Anonymous
The Surge 2's difficulty is ok, imo. Sekiro, DS3 and Code Vein (without companions) were more difficult though. But DS3 is the only one I played a lot, as the others don't have much endgame. I definitely wanna play Bloodborne at some point as well.
By Anonymous
You should go way back to Ninja Gaiden and Ghost n Goblins on NES.
By Anonymous
ive never seen someone suck their own dxck over a video game like this for a minute. its not grade school bro, grow up a bit and do something actually worth praise (not from yourself tho)
By Anonymous
You sound like a casual.
By Anonymous
tips to last :
A large amount of its damage is from nanite burst. Once the meter fills it does massive damage immediately. It is very much worth it to equip implants that can resist or cure this.

the life drain implant, the medi force converter somthing. As long as you have good nano resistance, you can even trade hits with the monster for a while)

By Anonymous
Can confirm that you only need to break arm and leg armor to get the Helix of the Delver 2.0. I broke both arm armors in phase 2, and both leg armors in the ridiculously easy phase 3. Justice of the Iron Maus gloves ftw.
By Anonymous
I killed this boss with ease in new game + with 16 gen armor and weapon, without dying. I had Cerberus armor and General APUs boxing gloves. I do not think I died once I installed exo suit in first med bay till I was killed by frigging rhino scrapper with nano infused double axes on Jericho main square near second scanning gates. After general boss. I must say that this guy does crazy amount of damage in NG+