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By Anonymous
Does he spawn in adventure mode? I've re-rolled the area several times and not once has the Warden been a spawn.
By Anonymous
I’m in adventure mode and I’m fighting him now
By Anonymous
yep he could and he sucks balls he hard as hell
By Anonymous
of course it does
By Anonymous
Game's been out for how long now? And the guides here are still this weak? smh how do I remove sites from my google results >,>
By Anonymous
Stop complaining that other people haven't made a guide for free yet. And make it yourself if you're that impatience.
By Anonymous
whiny *****
By Anonymous
u seem dumb
By Anonymous
He's right and y'all need to face it. This wiki's weak AF. No way around it.
By Anonymous
This is open source. If you want better content, then you're free to help contribute. You're also free to try out another source of info. Just some advice, whining like this won't help this guide get better, or help you get better results anywhere else. So why bother?
By Anonymous
***** this guy on nightmare difficulty. Seriously.
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By Vaedron
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Try a crit-focused build with Crossbow, Slayer's set, and the Hunter's Mark mod. Took out 1/5th of his HP in 1 shot with a lucky crit.
By Anonymous
Jesus christ, the bells have 1500 hp in nightmare mode. Thats bull********** this guy
By Anonymous
That doesnt seem too bad thats only 3 shots from a sniper rifle or 2 with crits.
By Anonymous
my nightmare strategy was as follows: -spitfire -devastator -Slayer set (bost one shot weapons and reload) -guardian ring (bost mele damange) -Stockpile Circlet (ammo capacity) -Twisted Idol (bost armor) Your priority is to destroy the bell and never let it have more than one, the second bell invokes archers, it will make the fight more difficult. With the Devastator you manage to destroy them in 2 to 3 shots. Next, eliminate the 2 allies that bell summons and then you go for the boss until the next bell is launched. With the Spitfire you can easily set it on fire (that's what you'll use this weapon for) and with the Devastator's ability to make it bleed. Those two effects will allow you to be hurting her while you take care of the bells. Remember to always be close to the Boss, since his attacks also damage his allies.
By Anonymous
ps: I died several times, but it was the only strategy I found to feel that I was in control of the battle. It is a matter of evading and healing.
By Anonymous
On apocalypse i died against iskal queen countless time, for hours and never feel frustratred cause the fight is cool and schematic, you just need to learn the patterns. This is just random ****, there's no patterns. I died much less times before i did it but i swear and cursed god the whole time. Every touch of the boss is game over, the bells get planted way too often and in just stupid unreachable place, ****ing annoying add everywhere..**** this chaotic **** seriously.
By Stratocanabus
I totally agree with you, and in addition, destroying bells is just boring and cost too much time and ammo.
So, here's my strat for this boss on apocalypse : forget the bells, go at the top of the arena and turn around it, run, always take a look behind you, use the walls for protection and heal yourself, provide a lot of heal potions and draconic hearts, and ... kill everything ! See this fight as a challenge and you'll have fun.
I think many combinations armor /weapons can do the job, try some different and choose your favorite one.
This fight can be long, there're lots of adds and it's a mess, but it's so cool to have a rough fight and it gives more more fun than destroying bells ;)
A video of my super strat !
By Stratocanabus
if you prefer killing adds than bells, the weapon "Ricochet Rifle" is very useful for this fight, effective against mobs and fast to reload mods.
A video to see the Ricochet in action (apocalypse difficulty) :
(get the Ricochet Rifle by killing the Blink Thief)
By Anonymous
Alternatively use burden of the reckless and stay in the center. Dodging all melee ads will keep your health full. Then i suggest stacking as many debuffs on him as you can efficiently. Ignore the bells. The downside is time. I killed him befor he summoned the big guy.
By Anonymous
I was having a horrible time with this guy, then I figured out something that seemed to work. Don't stay too far away from him. If you stay close he seems less likely to throw bells. I use the particle accelerator so was normally across the arena from him and he would throw new bells constantly so I kept getting overwhelmed. If you stay in his face he spends less time doing that and will usually kill his own minions with his melee attacks. Also if you run to the right as soon as you enter the arena there is a pillar that makes a narrow path up to the second level. It seems like sometimes he will get stuck on that and his AI will repeatedly jump up and down trying to get follow you.