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By Anonymous
It's 100% percent the worst boss in the game. I hate bossfights, in which you have to deal with ads 90% of the time and this fight is the most garbage out of them.
By Anonymous
I somehow got this guy as a normal enemy on my first run, has this happened to anyone else?
By Anonymous
many mini-bosses can spawn as normal elites. but for yaesha ones it happens very rarely. in 1k hours of playtime i've only seen warden and stormcaller elites a few times. I highly recommend trying Remnant from Hell mod. It fixes this issue and then some
By Anonymous
Very rarely? This game kept spamming like millions of elites in every dimension during my nightmare playthrough. That was so annoying.
By Anonymous
this boss bad
By Anonymous
Well, yeah, I agree with everyone else that whoever designed this boss needs to be fired, but in the meanwhile, I'll share what worked for me in apo.
Void armor (damage up, and nothing better on hand)
Twisted idol (make the armor medium at least)
Devastator + 10
Magnum + 19 (good boy)
Burden of the gambler (no weakpoint, might as well get more crit)
Provisioner ring (from doing hardcore normal run, massive dps increase)

So my technique was as simple as it gets, just shot the bell with the bleed from devastator, kill the two adds, shoot the guy for damage and to build stacks again, Keep dog summoned, he will die eventually.

It's not even that hard, if you don't have provisioner ring, burden of the follower can help too, to get more mod increase, since you want the bleed uptime for the bell. You can technically shoot the bell twice as well, if things get dicey, but often takes too long to reload devastator twice while dodging mobs and boss.

Now, this is SOLO approach, you know how bosses scale in multiplayer? don't even try this guy in multiplayer, it's just absurd, bells are almost impossible to kill and the amount of adds spawned are ridiculous, not to mention literally any attack will one shot you (not the case in solo apocalyptic). And with the army of adds behind him, your partner can't revive you. Literally do the boss in single player and play with your friend again after he's dead.
By Anonymous
This is hands-down the worst boss I've ever encountered in any game period.
Apoc difficulty.

This **** is so poorly designed on so many levels-- The bell throw NEEDS a cooldown, I have had a ton of runs by now ended by him throwing two bells in a row. **** bell gimmick mechanic would be fine if they didn't have 2000 HP, spawn two adds on drop even with no other bells out, and not give you time to deal with any of that.

Bell Toss: Throws a bell in your general direction, never directly at you.
--(Solo) At one bell, spawns two Pan Swordsmen
--Two spawns two Pan Swordsmen and two archers
--3+(not certain)
Spear throw: Telegraphed, throws a spear at your current position.
(He will typically sprint to you before doing the below)
Jab: Jabs at you twice
Lunge: Performs a two-handed lunge with both spears at you
Spinning Strike: Sweeps around and ahead of him twice.

Notes: His attacks can damage his bells, but trying to get him to do so is massively unreliable.
If he hits an add with a bell toss, the bell does not get placed. (Good luck manipulating that though)
His adds seem to prioritize spawning behind you relative to him (Flanking) when on the upper balcony. Otherwise, they appear to try to spawn out-of-frame.
The bells are immune to explosions (Explosive shot, Sporebloom mod and its DoT, etc) but not to bleed/burn effects like Devastator/Hot Shot.

Not to mention this is the buggiest boss I've seen in this game so far.
-Bells persist after being destroyed for 2-3 seconds, meaning that even if you destroy a bell, if he decides to throw another, you'll get the next tier of adds (You can test this for yourself by destroying a bell with a bleed effect. Notice that you'll hear the destroyed SFX for a period after the bell breaks; if another bell lands in this period it will spawn the next wave up.
-He constantly puts bells out-of-bounds, instantly ending runs.
-Have seen him get stuck in the floor on the stairs up to the balcony

There have been some dumb bosses in this game for adds but this bells mechanic takes it way too far. If it had an internal cooldown so it wasn't all RNG, maybe I could like this fight. But as it is I'm grinding this praying for not **** RNG with his bell throws, because in addition to him throwing them one-after-another, he loves to run away and hide them like ****ing easter eggs
By Anonymous
Dont try to kill the bells. Its a trap. Kite him around the upper area and dont let the adds overwhelm you.Keep pumping the boss as hard as possible. Devastator works great.
By Anonymous
Whoever designed this boss needs fired.