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Shouldn't the Special damage be Electricity instead of Fire?



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Fixed it. It's 21 Electricity damage not fire.


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.. You just cut off his right arm for it.
I never went back for him after the first fight with brother Eli. I found him again in the second half of the game and he dropped a red version of this spear that is electrical damage.
What red staff?
Thanks you, whomever fixed the Special damage. That little detail was bothering me for a time.
Note: Hes gone after the World change...
If you miss him the first time and he dissapears later in the game you can speak to Brother Kwizman and if you answer his 3 questions right, he gives you this staff.
Lightning, Johnny, Change the World are the right answers..
he killed me and decided not to come back, very nice game
git gud son



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I killed him today after the Fight with Little Johnny and Brother Eli
The fight was really easy, i have Weapons and Armor at Lvl 4
His Staff is awesome...and I replaced the staff I was using up to that point
god damn it, he attacked me but i didnt prepare for that and die finished the game this afternoon and couldnt find him to revenge