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Piece of***** won't spawn
Same here, and they patched the change object to refresh the spawns so $%@&!


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Keep hunting tempered monsters from the region. Just today I got Gold Rathian after capturing a tempered Tigrex and then I was able to lure her out.
Suck its balls, worked for me
"Suck its balls, worked for me" Then it probably wasn't a Rathian's "balls" you sucked, since Rathians are female. But hey, yeah! It worked! *thumbs up*
The heck is wrong with you guys lol
just use glaive
You can just go on expeditions to random areas and keep checking if it has spawned. Just make sure the Wildspire is at lvl 6.
While i was fighting brute tigrex i got a special track for her while my wildspire was level 4
Got a Rajang track fighting something weak and my levels were pretty low
So, I have to ask: Are there just NO Gold Rath investigations? I have hunted 7 of them, capturing 3, but I just cant get it to give me an Investigation. Hell, I got a Scarred Yian Garuga from her, for gods sake, and my Forest level is 2!
Ye there are, today i finally got my first Gold rathian investigation
Go collect tracks in elder’s recess. If you have met them in GL you can get gold/silver raths and brute rex investigations


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Remember: the lower your research level (in MR G. Rathian will have 4 little purple stars when full) the less investigations for said monster you'll get. Try SOS or ask someone to post investigations.
Apparently, the best way to get Gold Rath investigations is to do Tailraider Safari's to Elder's Reach.



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Event or die. Gives also nice amount of exp so there you go.
The best option to farm GR is to capture it and then farm it in Optional Arena Quest that will show up. Screw Investigation in GL. To capture him you have to at least one time investigate him or have a luck and see ??? in the list of monsters when you press DEPART to GL or find someone who will do Investigation Quest...but still the most important is to capture him.
Rathians are female.
Why do so much people call rathians male, one post someone called a lunastra a male, are these people ctazy
how much damage in the tail do cut that***** off?
I dealt about 3-4000 damage to it with part breaker 3
So no new gold rathin great sword ಥ_ಥ stop ditching great sword Capcom great sword is the only reason I'm playing
You can get the gold rathian surspike by breaking the back. Don't know how rare it is since i only killed it 3 times but nontheless it's good for those that use blunt weapons.