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this unfortunately is not showing up for me. can anyone tell me the requirements to unlock this quest?
Mantle upgrade missions unlock as your MR increases. Last one I got was at like MR175 I think
Increase research level for this monster
Get Blackveil Vaal Hazaks research lvl to 4 and then speak to the Chief ecologist, then the quest should pop up at the seliana armory
You need to get you research level on BVHazaak to level 4 and then the mantle lady should offer you the quest
You need max level research for the Blackveil Vaal Hazak to unlock this mission.
Get to max rank then talk to the researcher to update your logs. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't showing up for me but realized that it has to be logged with the researcher first.
This quest isnt showing up for my friend, who has black veil vaal maxed and having talked to the researcher. we are puzzled of why not
Do they have the immunity mantle unlocked ?