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By Anonymous
Does anyone else wish that Gebel was a playable charachter? It could work within the story. At the start of the game, choose Miriam or Gebel-- the unchosen charachter then becomes the antagonist.
By leoknight
you expect too much from Igarashis team ... they should start fixing bugs instead of selling dlc/content for extra money. at the end of the game there is still a major bug -> no way how one couldnt notice that. -.-
By Anonymous
you guys are dumb. especially you leo.
By Anonymous
Bloodless confirmed to be a bonus playable character
By Anonymous
I hope the third character is OD
By KagamiD
Now that Bloodless is playable, we need some lore on her backstory.
By Anonymous
imput: BLOODLESS as player name when creating new play through.
By Anonymous
This needs to get updated with the bloodless character info
By Anonymous
Soma from Castlevania would be dope! Or one of the Belmonts or alucard
By Anonymous
When will information for Aurora ever be added to this Wiki?