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By Anonymous
Farm these guys for a incredible amount of souls, as the big shadow lurkers will also die when you kill the reapers, giving you all their souls at once. Try having pure black world tendency, ring of avarice, silver bracelet and soulthirst for even higher yield per run. With melee you could consider throwing soul remains (sold by graverobber Blige for 500 each below the adjudicator archstone if you set him free from his cell earlier in the level) to draw their attention away from you while going for the kill. They aren't very tanky, and a couple of solid 2-handed hits will bring them down in no time.
By Arisen
Can you use fire arrows against this guy? How many?
By Anonymous
Honestly it depends on your build with my current build I'm using Lava Bow and I'm a mage but I've been goofing off a bit 22 strength 18 dex 35 magic 35 faith (I keep them equal for a specific weapon) but lava bow with fire arrows 1 to 2 shots
By Anonymous
The Reaper being a killable enemy is symbolic - From is telling you that not even death can stop you if you're determined to win
By Anonymous
The f***ing Grim f***ing Reaper shouldn’t be a f***ing enemy, Bluepoint!!! So f***ing bulls*** with their f***ing insta-f***ing-kill attacks!!! F***!!!
By Anonymous
If you want to blame anyone blame From Software. Demon's Souls is their game, Bluepoint just made the remaster.
By Anonymous
Who wrote this page lmfaoooo