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This was pretty unhelpful thanks
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This new audience is something...
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Helpful. Thank you.
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This was neither helpful or unhelpful. Thank you.
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Thank you! You're the best! Enjoy your New Year!
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This was very yeet.
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Is it true that if you find yourself in human form just go to nexus die and continue with soul form? that was it always should be white tendency
By Anonymous
Yes, that's correct. If you are attempting to keep white tendency it's best to play through as a phantom. So after ever boss, kill yourself in nexus and continue the game to enjoy continuous white tendency.
By Anonymous
Ummm, I thought neglecting one world by playing in another makes its tendency move towards neutral. Or is that only the original game? Or am I making things up (I don't think I am)

Hence, moving to a different world when one becomes "too hard", and try again later.

That's pretty important. I can't see that here.

Any veterans (not newbies) remember this?
By Anonymous
They tell you to move to a different world when one becomes hard because the game doesn’t have a set order to be played in. A newcomer could go for an area that someone wouldn’t enter until your geared and leveled a bit. It’s basically telling new people if your dying a lot in a level or it’s hard; try else where
By Anonymous
From a veteran to a newbie, you are wrong and making things up. World tendency doesn’t work like that.
By Anonymous
It did work like that back in the PS3. There was this server tendency that pulled the world tendency in its direction. Not anymore.
By Anonymous
still don't understand.
By Anonymous
Then git gud.
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