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By Anonymous
I’m surprised no one anywhere talks about how offline-only players are screwed for PWWT if they didn’t get it before killing the final boss of each archstone.

I just tried to do Stonefang but after killing the Primeval Demon and literally all other enemies and BPs (including Scirvir’s BP), i’m only at slightly above neutral. I know, I know: Only the Primeval and Scirvir’s BP can push it white (since all bosses are already dead). Wanted to cover my bases.
By Anonymous
Lamentablemente así está diseñado
By Anonymous
El caso de las tendencias y sus recompensas son para explorar el juego a profundidad, comprendo tu incomodidad pero todo estos temas necesitan ser estudiada de guías desde el inicio del juego sino te obliga a pasar el juego mas de 3 veces al menos (por ejemplo para las monedas de ceramica aunque se consiguen en 2 vueltas si no tuviste tendencia pura blanca o negra desde el primer juego y no tienes online estas obligado a hacerlo o a volvertelo a pasar :( ). Es algo realmente trabajoso pero supongo que es la esencia de los souls.
By Anonymous
Please ! Need help to get WWT to obtain trophies for Platinum. Red Stone Required ! PSN: Fesaleo
By Anonymous
Необходима помощь в осветлении тенденции мира. Если Кому нужно тоже помогу. PSN knyaze89
By Anonymous
So damage in soul form scales from both world and character tendency?
By Anonymous
Aight, i've now gotten literally everything in the game. It's about time to offer my help to y'all! And not just for Tendencies either, just hit me up if you require assistance. PSN: Bossu72
By Anonymous
Oh, and don't be discouraged by the date on which i posted that comment: Even if it's been a year, you can still add me for this purpose.
By Anonymous
One more thing: I have an additional set of Penetrator Armor. And well, i can't really wear 2 sets of armor, so if anyone wants it they can add me for that as well, at least it'll make someone happy. (Limited offer, obviously.)
By Anonymous
Should've tested this before offering xD But yeah: Penetrator Set cannot be dropped.
By Anonymous
Need help to get WWT to obtain magic sword mokoto my psn is djmagadan
By Anonymous
In Dire need of help to get white world and character tendency. Anyone with red eye stone and some free time please help :)
PSN: SiDMerceR
By Anonymous
hi, if someone needs help add me PSN - obthurel
i am trying to get all the worlds and caracters tendency to pure white
By Anonymous
Hey, I need some help, added you. PSN: SiDMerceR
By Anonymous
In the prison of hope I have pure black for no reason at all, I only died once with a body and I kill the prisoners… why is it black
By Anonymous
worst mechanic in the history of dark souls
By Anonymous
De hecho este juego es el padre de los souls
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