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By Anonymous
Seliana isn't in Astera. It's a completely separate area.
By Anonymous
I feel like the guy who wrote the top and the bottom are 2 different people, because everything at the top is wrong. Seliana is not in Astera, and it is not an online hub. It is essentially a replacement for Astera, with practically everything Astera had. It also has its own new gathering hub that has everything the bottom info was talking about. It does not have lifts and doesn’t have a fourth floor.
By Anonymous
Seliana in Japanese is セリエナ. Some people maight feel doesn't care, but I felt uneasy so let me leave this comment here.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
On my post story characters on both PS4 and PC the music is permanently this more serious music like something is about to attack Seliana and it gives me anxiety, can I know what's causing this? I don't like playing with the music off so if there is a way to change it please tell me.