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Does this wear off after you hit with melee, or just attack?
After successfully landing a hit on melee. On ranged it drains the energy in the moment of a shot, no matter if you hit something or not. Hitting with a pierce multiple times doesn't drain additional energy.
I saw a speed run with it, so I wonder is the increase a fixed number or a percentage ?
It is a percentage Did some tests with different weapon sharpness (to test different raw damages while ensuring everything else was the same) the following was the damage numbers (with full frostcraft on the first line and without frostcraft on the second line) white 150/154 119/122 blue 136/139 109/112 green 120/123 101/104 As you can see, it decreases as the raw dmg decreases
Does Power Prolonger work to reduce how much of the gauge is used?
LS users getting all the good s#!t, the gauge can actually fill from 0 to 100 before the special sheathe ends, the blue flames make it look like your charging an ultimate attack
Monster Hunter World of Frostcraft
lol, this is so stupidly powerful for GS. Put on 100% Draw + maximum crit boost - with this at full charge the unsheathe charge attack does more damage than TS.
Can you get this as a decoration?
No. Special set skills won't drop as decorations. For now.