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Lord of the underworld quest has a 100% spawn rate of a blue arrow head geeko on the vines of the fast travel plunderer tunnel.
The quest "Every Hunters Dram II" seems to have a 100% or at least very high chance to have a Wiggler Queen spawn at the first two groups of Wigglers.


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Duffel Duty is the best quest to do the lynian research quest for taking a picture of viper kodachi eating
When CAPCOM will release a new season of events? I need farm MR Kulve



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I'm not quite sure. Usually they'll have the Event Quest Schedule posted on the official website, but because of COVID-19, it's temporarily down. But based on past event quests, they'll hopefully make Kulve Taroth available again when Safi'jiiva goes away, as they seem to be alternating between the two. Safi'jiiva lasts for another 4 days, and then they'll probably bring Kulve back, but can't be certain.