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By Anonymous
Why do I even bother hunting this guy instead of old Jho, when the only shiny he ever drops are the gems? I have not gotten one Blackpiel yet, eventhough I usually break at least 3-4 parts and killed him about 30 times by now. Game, what have I done to you, that you treat me this way!?
By Anonymous
funnily enough I visited this page just now to look for hints on my first savage hunt and got one on my first try
By Anonymous
this guy eats every thing that fits in mouth
By Anonymous
i can relate to sav jho
we both eat a lot
By Anonymous
iunno why but i just love jho.. whenevs i need to test new setups i go jho hunting, and i always make sure i have at least one tempered one on investigation

i think pickle boi is my spirit animal ._.
By Anonymous
mine is sav jho

we both eat lots
By Anonymous
He isn't any fun to hunt really. Big & fast with pins and crazy hitboxes (get hit from his tail a mile away!). At least his armor bonuses aren't good and neither are the weapons, so you won't have to struggle farming him.

The original one was difficult but at least it left a sense of accomplishment. This one, well, just is boring to fight. It's a battle of how many times can you avoid his attacks rather than skill. Weapons that have high flexibility like S&S, DB, etc seem to be the best since you can avoid all his hits. His AOE breath to the ground means guarding and tanking isn't viable since it goes through guarding even with Guard Up. Be careful using the Clutch Claw since his moves will randomly knock you off pretty much his whole body, even if he isn't using that part for the attack.
By Anonymous
I might be making things worse, but just imagine millions of killer pickles riding a flying savage Deviljho, using another savage Deviljho as a weapon.

By Anonymous
Man, frick. I thought that by capturing I was getting better odds of getting devil crook. I looked here and you have to kill him. All those traps and ancient potions wasted. Crap.
Must farm more.
If nobody sees me for like three weeks don't be surprised
By Anonymous
You could just make one at the Elder Melder... if you’re in the endgame of Iceborne you can basically meld the rarest items of every monster you’ve hunted. Like their gems or mantles, stuff like that. That Devil Crook, if I’m not mistaken, also is available at the melder. I could be wrong though. Haven’t played the game in a while.
By Anonymous
I think capture rewards are the same pool as carve rewards, I only have 2 hunts on Tigrex (both captures) and i have a mantle and i dont think i did an investigation
By Anonymous
I wish you could get a carve called “Pickle Tail”
By Anonymous
im surprised he hasn't made ANY monsters extinct yet
By Anonymous
Not yet, but it will
By Anonymous
huge darker deviljho+ half of behemoths power+ death+ pickle=savage deviljho/king of turf wars
By Anonymous
I agree that he is a good companion. He saved me from a fulgar and an ebony odo. Because he was good boy, I catch him. He sleep tight.
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