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By Anonymous
if ur hunting other monster, its your best friend. If ur hunting it.... welp gg
By Anonymous
Had a Savage Joe show up while I was hunting a Kirin. I honestly thought for a moment that the Jho was going to pick up the horsey and play unicorn frisby with me but it turns out that an enraged Kirin is too much even for the death pickle to handle. Poor Jho couldn't even move for a solid minute because he kept getting hit/stunned by big lightning attacks. Everything else though he seems to trash no problem. Seems he has turf wars with some of the other elder dragons. It's just the pony that gets him.
By Anonymous
It’s all fun and games until it kills the monster you’re trying to capture
By Anonymous
For real picks up your hunt and beats you with it and then blows its death breath on you.
By Anonymous
So wait, is it no the target of any quests? Or only after the final mission?
By Anonymous
Dude, that's like being confused when someone "doesn't" shove a pineapple up your *** after whipping you with nettles for an hour - if you want to shove a pineapple up your ***, your welcome to do it on your own time, don't need to make everyone else suffer as well.
By Anonymous
With all due respect, and I do mean all of it, why does the Alpha set for females look like it belongs in Jojo?
By Anonymous
I think you mean JHO JHO, F R E I N D.
By Anonymous
Jhojho's Bizarre Adventure*
By Anonymous
One question, that's all I want to know.... Which deplorable ***** decided it was okay for him to drop Deviljho Gems, a material we have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR ANYMORE?!?! Who decided it was okay to put something that stupidly useless on the drop table of something that is already a PAIN IN THE *** to *****ING KILL?!?!
By Anonymous
bruh it was like this since forever
By Anonymous
Git gud, b i t c h boi
By Anonymous
I actually thinks he is a lot easier than the normal jho. Probably cause we have better defense but I think he was not all bad. Him on the map when you not hunting him is scary though. takes all measures to avoid the guy cause he can mess up the fight really badly
By Anonymous
This ****** chased me all the way from the Tobi-Kadachi nest area clear to camp 1 in Ancient Forest. I tried to lose him by running through camp 11 and going in the tent and he literally camped outside and waited for me. And he doesn't give two*****s about dung pods either.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Relatively easy surprisingly, took me 20 minutes with the long sword, not hard at all. Just bring the dragon mantle and don’t clutch claw onto him and you are fine. Also don’t bring elemental weapons.
By Anonymous
I beat him sub 15 minutes Longsword with getting rarely hit. Also I flinch shouted him three times in the same area
By Anonymous
That armor tho
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