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By Anonymous
These seem like they would be good! Haven't been able to use them yet but the combination seems like it would work well.
By Anonymous
I mean it works for rathian and rathalos
By Anonymous
These are, without a doubt, one of my favorite weapons in the entire game. The only dual blades I've used (or made, for that matter) and I love them to death. Legitimately gold and silver tracers brought into Monster Hunter, the sole multi type weapon to my knowledge, but like, I honestly wouldn't mind more Rath weapons having a combined form. Absolutely make these if you have half a thought about it.
By Anonymous
kushala and Teo also have a combined Dualblade, with blast and ice
By Anonymous
Replacing my Chrome Cross for early MR dual blades in short order, but why large wyvern gem to make when Raths don't drop em, especially if you don't realize that till a few hunts in.
By Anonymous
Rathian can, I’ve gotten one