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Reskinned trash. Absolutely disappointing.
Trash design. I hate that they did this to the Despot weapon tree. I almost don't want to hunt Zinogre anymore due to him being a pain to lure out, his armor design being the low rank design, his armor bonus and overall skills being trash and his weapon looking like this. Capcom really dropped the ball with the overall experience and reward for downing one of the most beloved monsters in the game. We should have gotten Crit Element and Marathon Runner as his set bonuses so that we could celebrate the fact that he has an IG now and promote its use. Oh well. Thanks Capcom. I now have no incentive for finishing the game anymore. Back to DB Fighter Z it is. I'd rather get destroyed by 200 players before I get a win towards that impossible online trophy than be embarrassed by hunting with this on my back online in Iceborne.
I honestly think the worst part is that they gave every zinogre weapon a unique design except for 3: the GS, the lance, and the SA. It is just pure laziness.
Id rather deal with bad weapon designs than every match being fkin GT goku and bardock
Why do the designers hate greatsword mains....
I feel your pain