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By Anonymous
The "critical element" effect makes most sense in combination with high affinity then, right?
By Anonymous
Yes. for this beta set I use a velkana LS, destroyer/protection, destroyer/vitality, warming, mirewalker (as a utility. can be swapped out on a per hunt basis), Sharp, 2 grinders and a handicraft (keeps velkana LS in purple) expert 4, and a tenderizer with an exploiter charm. if your weapon cant get to purple with 1 handicraft, Swap out the handicraft, sharp, and grinders as you see fit
By Anonymous
Can this stack with a namielle armor set with free element/ammo up set bonus? Seems like a good idea as long as you dont hit a limiter with your elemental damage
By Anonymous
Only 1 point of free E stacks with 2 points of nami. Nami 4 points maxes out free E and adds element damage
By Anonymous
Crit and Free element are different skills so 2 piece velkha with 2 piece nami and free element 1 should be good. Fill the rest with whatever you have