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Nobody: Seething Bazelgeuse : THEY'RE IN THE TREES
B-52 INBOUND!!!!
why is the image a silhouette of an ankylosaurus?
Just fought my first one, and gotta say, I did almost jack*****. Savage Pickle showed up and would not ***** off no matter what. 3 turf wars, downed Seething a dozen or more times, almost certainly did more damage than me. Seriously, 500 per jaw drop, always does it twice, gurenteed to do it if a monster is knocked down, a knock down if it lands, he was doing 1000 damage every time Bazel got flattened, which was ALOT. I felt more like a spectator, and when Savage Deviljho started leaping and Bazel went nuclear, I was a very very SCARED spectator.
Unavoidable CHIN MOVE
Am I just incredibly unlucky or is the drop rate for Scorched Silverwings jut straight up bull*****hunts and I broke BOTH wings on each one, but every time I just get Hardclaws from the rewards. It takes 6 wings to make the entire set, which it pretty ridiculous at this rate.
Probably luck I break both wings and that's always enough for them to drop had to hunt this thing 3 times for hard claws once so drops might be wonk overall
The original Bagelgoose has a weakness to Dragon Damage, but this one has a resistance to it? W h a t
survived the fight against Devilbro and developed a resistance against dragon breath. probably.
When searching the elders recess and before the fight with the monster, that guy says: I’ll leave this one to you! I’m like hell no I'm out of here!
the resistances to thunder and ice has swapped