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Nobody: Seething Bazelgeuse : THEY'RE IN THE TREES
When the trees starts speaking Deviljho.
B-52 INBOUND!!!!
why is the image a silhouette of an ankylosaurus?
Just fought my first one, and gotta say, I did almost jack*****. Savage Pickle showed up and would not ***** off no matter what. 3 turf wars, downed Seething a dozen or more times, almost certainly did more damage than me. Seriously, 500 per jaw drop, always does it twice, gurenteed to do it if a monster is knocked down, a knock down if it lands, he was doing 1000 damage every time Bazel got flattened, which was ALOT. I felt more like a spectator, and when Savage Deviljho started leaping and Bazel went nuclear, I was a very very SCARED spectator.
Unavoidable CHIN MOVE
Am I just incredibly unlucky or is the drop rate for Scorched Silverwings jut straight up bull*****hunts and I broke BOTH wings on each one, but every time I just get Hardclaws from the rewards. It takes 6 wings to make the entire set, which it pretty ridiculous at this rate.
Probably luck I break both wings and that's always enough for them to drop had to hunt this thing 3 times for hard claws once so drops might be wonk overall
Probably gonna hate me for this, but I went in the fight, broke all his parts (wings included) and got about 5 Scorched Silverwings in total
The original Bagelgoose has a weakness to Dragon Damage, but this one has a resistance to it? W h a t
survived the fight against Devilbro and developed a resistance against dragon breath. probably.
When searching the elders recess and before the fight with the monster, that guy says: I’ll leave this one to you! I’m like hell no I'm out of here!
You see that mother f###### always leaves you when you could use the most help, Oh look its xeno jiva I will go leave now.
To be fair, he did go to save a friend and partner and he even showed up after we killed Xeno to save us from falling to our deaths. Besides, how can you not forgive him for showing Rajang whos boss?
the resistances to thunder and ice has swapped
Does anyone have any tips for fighting this bastard man?
Evade skill maxed and anti blast max work wonders
Personally I just used Tigrex Armor with fire res + 3 and vitality jewel + 3, fire proof mantle and temporal mantle. With that you're legit unkillable, so it's just a matter of hitting hit until it dies. Around 20 to 35 minutes should be a good timer mark for average. Abusing temporal mantle to claw onto the face and explode him so he goes down helps, superman dive when he goes nuclear helps, staying on his legs and being aggresive also helps, cuz this time the bombs got delay so it's kinda less painful than the normal tempered version. Earplugs helps a lot if you don't have shield or feel you can't block every roar, as he roars pretty often, all in all an easy fight if you go prepared for it, but very deadly if you forfeit your defense as he has 1H ko moves.
I use an elemental build for LBG. It's pretty easy that way. You can keep distance. and the Ice ammo shreds through it. (i think it's Ice, whatever he's weak to)
Don't die :)