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I'm missing proud White Knight I maxed out rescreach and completed all the other mission according to the list but still no mission
You need to unlock the evasion mantle first
Missing 3 star special arena quest for Uragaan
There is no special arena for scarred yian garuga.. only for normal yian garuga
Thanks ♡ I totally just swung by to check this as after capturing scared the arena didn't unlock and I wasn't sure if it was a glitch or because I didn't directly lay the trap
For the star 3 optional quests, is there another Arena quest, because I've done all of the ones in the list of optional 3 stars?
Did u do lavasioth
Master Hunter of the new world doesn't need all Mantle and boosters upgraded. You only need the basic unlocks. I did the quest before I finished the tempered Blackveil Vaal optional to unlock the upgraded mantle.
Can confirm, I unlocked it but still had 2 mantles to upgrade. I think it may auto unlock at around MR 170.
I finished all the above star 6 quest up to my mr (143) but I only see a grey completions instead of a red one what else is available for me up to my mr that is not listed here?
That’s not how it works. As long as there are unfinished quests regardless if you meet the requirements to unlock them or not, the banner will stay blue or grey or w/e
What do i do if the optional quest are blue and i don't see any question marks on my map?
Some of them are locked behind different criteria. You may need to capture a monster to unlock their special arena quest, reach a specific MR or start / complete a questline.