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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Also found a one star optional for a special arena tobi Kadachi special arena not listed.
I found a 2 Star optional special arena: anjanath that’s no listed
5 Star Quest "Lightning Crashes" : Slay a Kirin
Missing 3 star optional quests. “Proud White Knight” Tempered Barioth, unlocks Evasion mantle+. “A Nasty Flesh Wound” Tempered Odogaron, unlocks Bandit Mantle+.
It also seems that the Elder Dragons in the 5 Star Quests got atleast 2 different Quests. Teostra got a Quest in the Elder's Recess and in the Wildspire while Kushala Daora got one in the Elder's Recess and in the Ancient Forest. I'm not sure about the Blackveil Vaal Hazak, Namielle and Kirin but i still need a Quest after finishing the alternative Quests from Teostra and Daora.
Were you ever able to complete the five star quests fully? If so which obscure quests are there?
Yes, i have same problem
3-star Optional, Special Arena: MR Uragaan


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List of missing 5 Star optional Quests: Wings of Wind: Kushala Daora in the Elder's Recess Mark of the Sun: Teostra in the Elder's Recess The Tyrant's Banquet: Slay a Savage Deviljho in the Wildspire. To unlock this you need to max out his research! This one gives the Apothecary Mantle +
Hiya, I’ve done everything on the list but for some reason it’s still blue?
I’ve done everything listed on the guide and in the comments but still can’t complete the 5 star quests, does it have something to do with maxing the research on Nemielle, velkhana, blackveil Vaal halak, or the seething bezelgeuse? Any help would be appreciated!
You're missing a Kirin quest, as is the guide. Go and grab an investigation or join a SOS for Kirin, spot the monster and then leave or complete the quest and then you'll have the quest yourself.
You need to have at least one purple level on the research to get an optional for a MR large monster. I would not be surprised there is other quests left behind the Research center and the new picture minigame.
The dude with at least one purple star is talking bull*****I got the Kirin mission from the Rajang Questling and havent even finished him high rank
Hey everyone so wity teh five star quests for some reason they still aren’t complete, any help would be appreciated, these are my completed quests: both kushala and both Teostra quests, namielle, blackveil, velkhana, and seething bazegeuse main quests turned side quests, one Kirin quest, capture a seething baselgeuse, Hunt a savage devilijho, that’s it so far but I’m still missing quests, for reference my immunity, impact, temporal mantles, and affinity booster are still not + versions, any help is appreciated!


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sounds like youre missing Its the Afterlife For Me for immunity mantle +
impact temporal affinity are all MR 6 star
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