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Finally beat him with charge blade, this big boy barely has any opening for cb to land hits effectively.
I have confirmed that you absolutely do NOT have to beat Rajang to advance to Stygian Zinogre, merely seeing him in the quest and failing or quitting will suffice
Rajang is indeed a reference to DragonBall (aka anime shout contest) and FAT one at that (the reference, Rajang itself isn't fat). You've got the golden hair when angry, the fact that Sayan's have a monkey form, but lose this ability if they lose their tail, (which is usually cut by their parents at their "teenage" years or younger because of the fact that they lose basically all intelligence/self control in this form, at least until trained). And no, I'm not a DGB expert, as I barely know 6 or so character's names.
That makes a lot of sense
Fought him for the first time last night and almost immediately fainted out; collected myself and ran it back to him without fainting once! He is tricky because nothing else in MHW fights you like Rajang, so you're going to be pretty blind going in. He is very fun though once you find your groove!


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Local ape literally too angry to die
King Kong's little son
It so cute :) NOT lolololololol
i says its known as the gold lion ???????????????
It’s Japanese name is “金獅子” which literally translates to Golden Lion.
Still, calling it a lion instead of a monkey? Someone must have been high comming up with this title.
Does this one and/or Furious Rajang have special arena quests after capture?
No. Special Assignment monsters don’t get an optional special arena quest like the metal Raths.
Question how much of a pain is this fight as a GS main?
You’ll die unless you’re really good at greatsword. Its that simple.
or can time dodges after 1-2 swings. dont get greedy
Thanks for the tips. I'm going to try my best.
Update: I won but damn was that a close fight.
Gongrats bro