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There's a quite a few monkeys in the comments, but Rajang ain't one of them
Cause he's an ape, you uncultured swine.
Whoah! Sorry for the message above, I replied to the wrong comment...
Just finished the Tempered Rajang solo using hammer first time at 20mins, really tough and stressful fight, My strategy was to drag the fight longer since you have 50mins (unless investigation), wore immortal set with Defense lv. 7, and to also ONLY wear mantles when he buffs up his arms red.
I beat this guy solo, only after I was disconnected from my party, but he was such a pain to keep up with
I commented a while ago how this thing was bs to fight. Well that was after only one encounter, and after fighting him several more times, he has definitely grown on me. The first time fighting can be absolutely horrible for some (myself included), but once you learn his moveset and adapt to his fighting style, he can become arguably most exilerating and intense hunt in the whole game. Not to mention him invading whilst fighting another monster, which is both terrifying and awesome to watch at the same time. I also love his soundtrack, and i retract my earlier comments about him. I judged him too quickly
So, you were not like the others? Not like one of those salt-lords who quit the game over one little inconvenience? You saw the light brother. You saw the light coming from the ape’s mouth and basked in its scorching glory. I’ve been travelling the comment sections of every monster for days now. They were like an ocean, filled with SALT. But you, my friend, are the first one I’ve seen to actually apoligize for their earlier statement. Thank you brother. In you I have found hope. Hope that all is not lost to the infinite amount of salt staining our fine community. Now I can rest assured. All will be well.
You've grown as a person and as a gamer. Good for you.
Since I did first dragon age by leaving party (ok they were punch bags on bosses I love to do the wipe fests but not on purpose...
From the hunts I’ve done, this guy seems a lot easier to handle in groups. His main strength is the ability to overwhelm a single hunter into moving into the defense, but many of his attacks are strictly forward facing; his sides have some resistance, but he has minimal ability to protect his back legs. While I can’t guarantee you won’t end up with good ol’ XxEliteMaster47xX using low defense and fire weapons to prove his Alpha Status, a sort of reverse crowd-controlling, in which you provide too many targets for him to really force one into panic, can help take Rajang down. Just watch out when he’s enraged for his super; when it starts, scatter asap, because it can be hard to tell who he’s targeting, and a group cart is bad news. His super is telegraphed by him curling up a bit and snarling, sort of flexing his arms inward, almost like his transition into the red arm enraged mode. You can also use Rajang targetting someone else to learn his moves with less panic, but for the love of a Fatalis, don’t run in the corner like a Kut-Ku with its head chopped off. Dipping away to drink a quick potion so you don’t cart is fine, but no one likes a spectator.
-using bow -first Rajang quest -nervous as hell because Rajang -fire SOS flare -three other hunters join -all right let's do this LEEROY JENKINS -one of the other hunters faints -all three immediately bail -now stuck soloing a Rajang with 220% hit points -play super conservatively -still faint twice (felyne insurance ftw) -capture it with 5 minutes left No better feeling.
@anon2, how come u hunt him with 220% hit points? The health should adjust to solo if everyone in ur party bailed out (abandon) lol.
How can i have a rajang heart
wrong page please see the furious rajang page the rajang heart can only be obtained as a rare drop from fighting and defeating a furious rajang which currently as of update 13.00 spawns only in the hoarfrost reach during the special assignment quest "The Fury Remains" upon completing this quest the optional mission "All That Glitters is Furious" will be available it will be complete however but can be repeated as needed to farm for parts from Furious Rajang
Are you able to capture him?
Yes. It can break para traps but if it lands in it, then it will get trapped. Can capture it.
You can capture with a pitfall trap. Not 100% sure but the time I did capture it he was enraged and we pre-tranq bombed him.
Ridiculously annoying with IG, the encounter really seems to be intentionally designed to make melee players insane. This jumping ball of fur keeps moving THE WHOLE DAMN TIME with nearly continuous charging. His attacks are rather simple to avoid but you need to run after him ALL THE DAMN TIME, then when you try to get at least one quick combo in, he turns and bashes you around or makes you interrupt your attack at least. Mounting him with IG is nearly impossible since he's surprisingly small and, more important, will be 20 times around the arenaa before you finish your jump attack. I don't understand how they design a monster that is only fun with ranged weapons. I hate ranged weapons. Let's see: any slow-moving melee weapon is useless from the start, including ones with shield since you may block his attacks but his charge is not stopped, i. e. have fun running after him with CB or Lance. No worse experience, not even Daora. That's why I tried IG but its speed comes from jumping and he will no longer be where you need him in 90% of cases. You jump, he's 20 miles away by the time you have reached the position. Also: attacking tail in his super-rage mode? Forget it. He becomes even more jumpy, it's hard enough to stay out of his way, let alone move behind him in time to do more than 1 hit. Honestly, worst designed melee encounter in the game.
PS: To be clear, it's not his attacks I find so badly designed. The S-S-S-SUUUUPER SLAAAAM is actually pretty cool and the pin attack, well, it will not cart you unless you lost HP before and did not heal. But what's the sense of a monster that moves all the time by long distances? I mean, Barioth is OK, Tigrex is OK, all other fast movers have decent phases in which you can focus on parts. But here? There's no 'challenge' in that, it does not make him harder to beat, it's just plain waste of time and makes you feel the fight is 90% running. I really really hate that.
I took on Rajang solo using IG today like the fool I am and while I was straight up not having a good time during the hunt, after I beat it with a minute left on the clock, that rush of relief and pride is worth it.
Finally beat him with charge blade, this big boy barely has any opening for cb to land hits effectively.