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le monke
With how much the community was hyping up how hard Rajang was going to be, I'm a bit disappointed how easy the fight was. Oh well, maybe tempered Rajang will be harder
Love how toxic all the veteran MH players are. Don't like MHW? Do back to your handheld versions and let us enjoy ours in peace.
Lol it's kind of funny seeing how elitist some of the "older" Monster Hunter players are. This always happens when a specific game from a series becomes really popular. Reminds me of how some of the older Dark Souls players (excluding myself) acted towards Dark Souls 3 and the newer players. Beyond dumb being elitist. But whats worse is being elitist in a PvE game. Nobody cares how hard the other games were. No one cares how good you are at fighting AI. It's a PvE game that has limited skill ceiling. Calm down. :-)
Played since MHF2 and yeah I fully agree they over-hyped it. I did enjoy fighting Rajang in Iceborne though. The thing that made the game seem harder back then were stuff like janky character controls and bizarre hit boxes. Not exactly the kind of difficulty you would want in modern games.


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this is just one of the most pleasant and interesting fights, if it’s not for you, then man I have bad news for you, you forgot how to enjoy the game
I really cant wait to see what a Golden Tiny crown looks like for this boy, the old tiny crown was 849 and some change, I caught a 829.11 and it wasnt even silver.
I need it HP
I'd like it if Rajang was a roamer like Bazel or Jho. But GL only is cool too I guess
Large Gold Crown is 994.93
737.91 is the golden small crown.
Super sayan donkeykong
I want to see rajang and deviljho get in a turf war
I've seen it. Its an even match, like Deviljho and Bazelgeuse. IIRC Pickle chomps him up in his mouth like he's gonna toss him around, but Rajang manages to pry his mouth open and punches/wrestles(?) him to the ground. Not sure. I kept my distance, for obvious reasons. Haven't seen Bazelgeuse and Rajang yet though.
I just sa a stream where one guy keep getting hit and ran out of potions against Rajang but because restocking potions is such a broken mechanic that he brute-forced the fight. What a joke of a game! How can you die if you have unlimited healing items?
Do you play this game? I think not. Healing is hard to do little alone fighting this beast head on.. With Rajang if you don't have healing items your completely screwed. Unless you've played the game then don't call potions a broken game mechanic. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite rajang was bad and not having enough potions meant doom. In this thanks to rajangs sped up attacks no potions means your hunt is as good as done for.
Nothing wrong with restocking heals. Considering how slow and punishable healing in general is. But tbh, I keep herb + honey in my inventory in case I need to restock. But I don't think I've ever ran out of Mega Potions and if I was close, it was cause I was fighting a Tempered Elder. If that guy had to restock he was probably getting his *** kicked. But still, complaining about having resources in a PvE game is silly. Stop whining. Most monsters now can 1 or 2 shot you and have massive health pools. I don't see the problem with being prepared.
No one cares about what the old games had. This is a whole new game on next generation platforms with different skill sets and mechanics. Sequels should only use prequels as a stepping stone to advance. Which they have. Lets not act like the older games were much harder because of fluent movesets. The majority of bosses were only tougher because of the janky hitboxes and movements compared to MHW. Also, stop bragging about what you can do at a PvE game. This ain't PvP my boy. Nobody cares how good you can press buttons at AI.
Another reasons why this game is for braindead babies and Dark Souls is harder
If you look closely you can see the person who thinks that dark souls is the pinnacle of gaming and forget that since this is one of the most widely available MHs they had to modify it for this purpose I don not understand why people think that dark souls is the pinnical of gaming things just difficult to the point of losing all fun
If prepared, dark souls is way easier than mhw. when you know what to do you can almost one-shot every boss in dark souls. I love dark souls and did around 2k hours in all its games. It's really not that difficult
"Another reasons why this game is for braindead babies and Dark Souls is harder" LOL! The Souls series is infamous for catering to the masses which is similar to what OP is implying (which I don't think is true) Souls removed a lot of the mechanics that made it special to appeal to a larger audience. Such as removing Poise and making rolls way more powerful and removing a lot of the in-depth mechanics (Toggles, Power Stance, Ring viability). Also PvP. Funny how you try to use Souls as an example of it being harder and complaining that MH is for braindead babies. When in fact, the Souls games cater to braindead babies...been that way since 2015. Souls is the biggest series I've ever sank hours into for PvE and PvP. So your brainless comment made me chuckle.
Also, it's dumb to compare the two. In MH you are hunting for specific large monsters. In Souls you are fighting the world as well as the bosses of a specific area. You can't even compare the two because of these major differences. Souls you are bound to get ganked along the way and deal with the environment so the game can be more forgiving in some ways because of this. In MH you are mostly fighting large monsters rather than multiple targets so the game can be more forgiving in some ways because of this (probably why everyone hated Ancient Leshen) Apples and Oranges, retards.
"How can you die if you have unlimited healing items?"... Then, don't heal maybe???
there is such thing as speed healing in mhw icebrone ya know? where your healing can become much faster