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It’s a horned gorilla...
No, it's a super sayan demon.
Yes both are true but my opinion is a goat combined with a muscled monster and a gorilla xD its very funny
horny gorilla


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Yeah, it's not very original.
Cannot wait for MH fans that started on World to learn the hard way that old Goku is not here to be your friend. I just hope we get Furious Rajang for Arch-tempered.
He is so easy I first try him no cart and everyone I know can do that too
with original armor first heavy bowgun melee only 1 second kill no hack
.... i dont know why i submitted this :/
Can't wait for Rajang to pick up one of the GL regions to chuck it at me.
Ah shlt. Here we go again...
Why am i seeing flashbacks of myself getting massacred from this beast? Make it stop..
Anyone know what guiding lands area and level?
It should be Volcano?
he appears everywhere at any level
time to use the one weapon you should never use against rajang. THE INSECT GLAVIE
Did it. Beat it.
Did it. Defeated it.


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insect glaive is good weapon for almost everything, idk what are you talking about
^^^what they said. Bug Stick = Best Stick. I constantly see posts about people struggling with such and such monster using such and such weapon and it feels like they're talking about another game lol.
He too small xD
im insect glaive user but if thats not your play style than i can understand.