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If you have the forest on lvl 6 or higher, luring a Yian Garuga will result in spawning a Tempered Scarred Yian Garuga FYI.
Fairly certain I've had great spiritvein gems drop from tempered savage djho. Newish to the guiding land's and it was the first encounter I received one.
You can get all tempered elders if you max out the Coral, Rotten, and Volcanic zones.
Rathian can also show up in Wildspire Waste and Nargacuga can also show up in Coral Highlands (You can specifically lure those to these areas). Additionally, I've seen both as natural tempered spawns. Can't figure out how to edit the table, so I'll just throw it here as the inconsistencies I've found so far.
I can't find Tempered Silver Rathalos in any region. Shouldn't it spawn in level 7 Volcanic?
Nevermind. I found it in the other list.
No coralhighlands volcanic is brute tigrex
I found it at level 6 volcanic but only when gold rathian was in volcanic as well.
How to get a specific claim? I need to get some claims amd I would like exactly how to get those
Tempered Rajang is NOT in the Coral Biome!
How does time progress in the Guiding Land? I'm not sure how it works. For example, if in a single expedition, I kill 10 monsters and between each monster, I return to the Handler to hand-in the result and get a meal, would the game consume a time block (the fertilizer in the Botanical get decrease)? Or it will only be consumed when I come back?