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how is wildspire not completed on this wiki yet like what
I'm new to the guiding lands : can you actually dont get any materials at all if you fail too many times? or is there a softcap where you still get 1x item from a monster? would be pretty*****ty to not get anything because you're bad; then again it's endgame, so idk
In my experiance only general rewards (Hunt a large Monster) get reduced for carting. You start with 4 boxes per monster and carting removes one box each until you have only one box left. General rewards are things that are not monster material (Decorations, Armor Spheres, Coal, etc.). There are better ways to farm most of these, so the loss is usually minimal. Carting does not reduce any monster material rewards. You get 4 boxes of normal monster material (Hunt a ) and all rewards from breaking parts (normal mats). Plus 4-5 GL materials for a capture. Obviously you keep all carves and shiny pickups (both GL mats).
Hi guys, I just unlock Guiding Lands and I'm very confused what to do to unlock the augment on my weapon (Rarity 10), so I just spawned in GL and picked Zinogre as a target, waited for an hour but target never came out. Any help or tips would be very much appreciated. thanks
Just start killing things. Hunt any fanged wyverns that pop up.
Picking your target when going to the GL doesn't increase the chance of that monster spawning. It's only there as an option to tell other hunters in multiplayer what you INTEND to go after. The only way to guarantee a monster spawning is by luring it out using Analyzed Special Tracks, aka pheromones. Otherwise you'll need to get an area it spawns in up to a high enough level that there's actually a chance for it to spawn, and then get lucky.
Pretty sure setting a target just says what you want to fight for people joining in multiplayer. Doesn't affect what actually spawns
i broke a part once then carted and reported it and still got 1 material from it. as for the spawns you will only see it if you have it researched, if you don't know anything about it wonder which region's it is in indicated by the lite icons. you should find it.... My question is ive been doing it a while and I haven't gotten a mantle, im curious if the rewards for reporting only include most.
the way all this information is displayed absolutely terrible. i have to scroll down for 5 minutes to check which tempered monsters are on my level. give us some simple show/hide and sort by options please
While not a proper solution, using ctrl+f lets you open the keyword search, so you can jump right to certain spots.
As others have said, Ctrl + F....also its a community driven wiki, *****in do it yourself??
a map would be nice
it would


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Editing Tables is quite tedious. We currently have two region-specific tables, one which gives all monsters with their frequencies, and their drops and frequencies. We also have one which gives just monsters and frequencies. I think only the second table is important; it's densely conveyed and clear information. The first repeats monsters very often, and the drop frequencies are clutter; I removed them in my updated table and made clear the specific materials.
Saw someone maxed level 7 all of his regions. How is this possible? Is it a hack or is there an exploit? Im on ps4 btw
its a exploit/hack/save edit 100%
well it is very hard micromanagement... i also have it locked at 6 (my current max due to mr) for every region, just takes a long time and micromanaging how much points you collect. As soon as a region maxes out there is a "grace" amount of points you are allowed to collect in other areas so with carefull rotation and summoning of monsters it is possible to max out everything just not worth it tbh. I did it once and as soon as i reach mr 100 will probably never do it again.
The guy who said he got them to 6 each is a liar if he didn't do it with some sort of editing program. The combined total levels of the guiding lands must equal or be lower than 18. So practically, you could have 2 areas at level 7, one area at level 3, and one area at level 1. Having four at level 6 is literally impossible. Not to mention now that the volcanic update has come for pc, assuming they didn't increase level cap, it would now be 7,7,2,1,1.
Well, its actually Possible. You get an increase of 1 of your Region Cap for every ~400 T3 Temperts yo kill in the Guiding Lands, so killing around 6000 T Elder Dragons should do the trick.
i'm pretty sure nargacuga appears in both the forest region as well as the coral region.
Wildspire area level 7 spawns tempered Teostra. Just saying.