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The Switch Axe is also good for attacking the head because of it's long reach and its empowered axe mode having partbreaker built-in.
Did boi kill me too many times
I die too much
Kirin X puki puki = dis thing
uhhh, kirin is a horse and uses electricity while pukei-pukei is a chameleon-like flying wyvern that uses poison, shara is a big rock/air monster, and is only similar to pukei-pukei because of it's weird eyes, so uh...
Pukei-Pukei is a bird-wyvern, but yeah. I still agree with 15 May.
This is one of those fights where everybody you see on Reddit beat it on their first try - solo and with no heals of course - but then they'll join into an SOS and triple cart in ten minutes.
i love it when she has her eyes open and she's trying to stare at multiple people at once and her head twitches.
considering that in Multiplayer everyone sees her eyes on them... not sure why the head would twitch
This thing looks like a japanese death god.
This is the most boring monster so far. This thing is a massive damage sponge. It takes forever to kill it and it's not an enjoyable fight. I'll do it once just to progress and I hope I'll never have to do this again.
git gud, monster takes 12mins with mid tier weapons lmao
They hated him because​ he told them the truth
One time I showed a friend of mine who doesn’t play Monster Hunter the intro cutscene of Shara Ishvalda. The first thing he said was; “whats with those giant arms?”. Then I said; “those are his wings”, and he was like; :o
I would rather fight 400 Great Jagras than this trainwreck of boredom
how lmao
I agree. The monster is pretty awesome, design-wise, it's just a really annoying, overly long battle.