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It's total BS that you don't get a chance to restock and switch weapons between Ruiner Nergigante and the 2-phase Shara Ishvalda. Really Capcom? Luckily you don't have to fight Nerg again, so don't waste your time fighting the first tank phase of Shara with limited resources and the wrong weapon element. You can cart intentionally to switch loadouts, which isn't a huge deal if you have a Fortify deco. This was the only time in the entire game when I really needed a Farcaster, and of course I never carry any. That's assuming one even works during this boss battle.
farcasters are always worth carrying, and the tank phase of shara is stupid easy to get through with the slinger ammo dropped and the walls which do insane amounts of damage to it and stun it for a prolonged period of time for you to wail on it
leave the quest, and do it again, and next time read the tutorial
not very open minded huh are you?
if its "wing beam" attacks seem familiar to you then you've probably have seen Asura's Wrath. Asura uses similar attacks if he is in Berserker Mode.


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Yeah it's clearly inspired by Asura's Wrath. Not only the attacks but also the Hindi/Buddha theme. It's all over the place.
easiest boss,soloed this thing with a World vanilla HR set, people who cry about this and keep losing are noobs.
ahhhh nobody cares lmao
I came here to laugh at you
dont care virgin
when you fantasize about winning instead of actually winning


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I spit in your face, and proceed to laugh at your pathetic boast.
Your humblebrag is shallow as ice soup.
nobody knows but i fap 5 times a day
rookie numbers mate.
I'm not sure if it really is resistant to 'stun' as I have stunned it twice during the bulk form and once during agile using Impact Mantle.
I can say its certainly resistant. Using an impact mantle is building for stuns. Without building for it, you're likely to never see it stunned outside of the environ hazards. Its not immune, but it is resistant.
Definitely is. Using black diablos and a hammer I only stunned it 2-3 times when I normally drop double that with the same gear.
Killed it solo first go
yes of the millions of players only you got it on first try
Same, 1st try solo with 0 carts (almost did twice), i thought it was just nergigante then i can go to the camp, research the boss a bit , make a build and then go, but nope, i was really really lucky because of 3 things, i had a farcaster in my inventory, i ate for attack L before i left for the mission, i usually eat in the mission but i didn't know if i could and i switched from LS to IG before i left the camp after restocking after nergi, if i used LS i would have failed, even so i finished at 49.09 minutes, i was sure i would fail after taking quite some time after the 5 minutes warning. I wasn't prepared for 2 consecutive fights but not giving up got me trough.
It's all easy until that AoE OHKO cheese attack... 830 DEF and still get carted! Crapcom, please... >_>
Icebore sure is fun. Seriously ruined the game.
sprint and hug the wall when it starts, dont be stup!d, you can wait the ~15 secs of downtime its not gonna reduce your rewards like carting does
Haha I get it because if you add an r in Capcom it becomes Crapcom like crap and Capcom XD
Go watch "SomethingAbout MHW: Icebourne" on YouTube this dragon is a soundcloud rapper
I just did XD
Showing this to people as a reason for late night youtube runs.
holy ***** i just bet him with bone and vespid armor total of 610 def after maybe 10 tries holy ***** im so proud of myself
and solo
You push story missions without upgrading much don't you? My first time there I had 3 piece Narc for the ranged shot set, I also have the last Glav HBG, the last Odo LBG, the option of red or black odo, the final odo dual blades, several almost complete LS, Plus a few other elder pieces. And I haven't even started the kushala or teostra investigations I have yet.
"Do not stand underneath it, as it will occasionally jump to crush any hunters underfoot." it's true but as a solo hunting horn player it was the most effective way of killing this thing.
Ditto as a solo lancer, standing under the chest and blocking the jump (two hits, don't counter) gets me lots of free hits in